[STD|Closed] Somewhat NM modding queue.

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Some random welcomeng text

NM Rules:

1) Don't you dare to post anime openings in this queue. I will ignore all of them.

1.5) I only will mod songs that I like (Or ones that at least won't make my ears bleed).
In other words, even if you post your request first, don't expect me to simply accept it.

2) I'll only mod maps with drain less then 10min.

3) Your map/mapset must be finished , I won't mod unfinished map (it doesn't apply to hitsounding, I couldn't care less about that).

4) Also if you have 5 or more diffs in your mapset, I may ignore GDs and only mod your diffs

5) If you have even 1 map in the ranked section, don't post here.

5.5) Your map/mapset not necessarily have to be heading towards ranking/loved. (However,if it's your first map I will most likely ignore it.)

6) Don't request mod for a map with 50+ SP


Type of mod:




I'll leave mod in next 48 hours ( I'll probably do this earlier unless I'm asleep ).

That's pretty much it...
Oh, I forgot, you can also ask GDs for your maps here. (But then again, if it's your first map I will ignore it.)
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Open for 3 NM slots
first ?
type : normal mod
artist : Elze (CV. Uchida Maaya) & Linze (CV. Fukuo Yui)
song name: Junjou Emotional
length : 1:30 min
thanks :3
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