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Problem Details:
It is possible to use the command "!mp start" in a multiplayer room with one player and be able to start the match with one player.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Pics (Large!)
Starting the match

Finishing the match

!mp start command used

Match history

I won't trigger the fail menu as I am in multiplayer

osu! version: 20160403.6
yeah I can confirm
That was already happening in tourney lobbies already, and it's not really an issue. Thanks for reporting it though.
Well, it can even be considered a feature. Sometimes you are bored with waiting for people or know that they will take a moment to come, so you would like to play something. "Maybe someone will come for the next song?"
You can't normally start match solo and you don't want to abandon you room, but starting match like this solves the problem.

I heard some people in past complaining that you can't start solo match in multiplayer, if no one comes. Maybe what you report could be left the way it is now? I think it doesn't really create any problems (unless we will get flooded by thousands of solo rooms xD), but could be actually useful for players.
The thing is that this "feature" would probably be more used for those who want to keep playing a map after failing (without NF), but not to start a short game to wait for other people to come.

The ability to keep playing after failing without NF is really neat for a chunk of players that may not like the lack of pressure with NF, or maybe its their first time trying a map, and they want to make sure that they finish the map, but it may be possible that they FC the map first try so they don't really want to have NF on which reduces the pp gain (happened to me before).

The implication would be that if other players know this, they would probably open a locked match room just for the benefit mentioned above. The point is, it can be the that more and more people would do this, and we CAN be flooded by thousands of solo rooms. Not many players know about this now, but still. This is a roundabout way to get around the whole failing-the-song thing.

The better way would be to have an option to keep playing after failing, but we all know how well suggestions are in osu development in recent days.
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