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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Similar to the storyboard epilepsy warning, I think this has been a problem for me ( Since I've started playing this game ) and others are frustrated with random ( Mappers choice ) skins loading with a map, I don't disable skins because that changes the combo color of hitcircles and I want to see the colors mappers have picked ( A good example would be with Blue Zenith in how when the storyboard pulses blue, the notes are blue ). Its not like we can colorhax our skins but there should be a little toggle in the beatmap editor just like the storyboard epilepsy warning.

Plus ik we can modify our combo color in file but I don't like sticking to one set of colors, it feels dull.
i think changed elements that are added by the mappers reflects how they made the map and how they want the map be... :3

toggling on the 'Ignore all beatmap skins' will help you avoid those changed skin elements by the beatmaps... .w.
I tthink that is a better one.

Eraser wrote:

I tthink that is a better one.
This is exactly what I'm asking xD didn't see this post. Mines seems irrelevant now/
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