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Problem Details: Osu! started having lag spikes or stutters while playing, really annoying. It has messed up some of my plays which when it lags i miss or something similar. Should i just uninstall reinstall or what should i do?

Ignore the bad gameplay but you should see the lag there, its actually happening like that ingame and sometimes even worse but this was the one i was able to capture.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: https://youtu.be/JDEwoqIp7xw

osu! version: 20170615.1cuttingedge
Try shutting down all programs running in the background.
I mean yeah i can try that but i had all of the stuff open when it wasnt lagging, it just started randomly. Also my pc is pretty decent so i think thats not the problem

CPU: I5 6600k
GPU: GTX 1070
OS: Win10
It could be cause after some sort of an update of a program that you may be running. For example, a while ago, Skype was reported to have been causing this exact behavior, and shutting it down resolved the problem.
So i tried closing all applications but that didnt help and neither i have skype installed so thats not the problem as well, should i just reinstall, because the "repair osu!" thing hasnt helped as well
I got the exact same problem since some days.. it's starting to get annoying. And i've tried literally everything
Windows just works like that, you have to deal with it and format your PC from time to time
That happen's to me too :'c
what do i suppose to do.? :cry:
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