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Hey guys, I made an avatar request shop three years ago and abandoned it

I am re-opening as I have the time to make you guys some avatars and I also really want to make some :)

Some useful info:
If I see that your specific request has been fulfilled by someone else then I may either ignore your request or prioritize others who are waiting for one / wanting a new one.

Simply use this template below!
Images(Please link high quality image):
Colour Scheme / Atmosphere (optional):
Additional Info:

Here are previous examples of my avatars I created three years ago!
(I plan to try new styles this time)

that's all for now! Take care. :)
wow awesome <3
i like your example
great work
Images(Please link high quality image):http://www.zerochan.net/2061623#full
Colour Scheme(optional):warm
Additional Info:Scenery only
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