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a few days ago i find a song from vocaloid that if where a beatmap for it here in osu! could be great, like you see, is len no bousou (a REALLY fast song) and i not good making beatmaps (tecnically, im only"make" 1, but stinks) so im searching for somebody that can make it, i only need 1 or 2 people, there are the request:
1- be a least a good beat map maker
2- know english or spanish ( if is spanish, better)

and for the beat map:1- have behind the video of the song or a image related to that
2- if is possible, made for osu! mania (the other game modes also if you want)
3- at least a normal dificulty (if you want to make the easy or hard there is no problem)
4- if is made for osu! mania, that have 5 or 6 notes (sorry, i dont played osu in like 2 years, i forgot how it says)

here is the video of the song:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzD85f77Vfk (sub-spanish)

if the song was already made it, tell me and coment the url of the beatmap.

You cant ask for songs to be made upon request. It is against the rules of this subforum and if you want a song mapped, the best way is to map it yourself
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