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2v2 Beginner's Taiko Cup (0 - 4kpp total, SIGNUPS CLOSED)

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Hello to all the newer Taiko players! I know Taiko might be intimidating, but it's not all that horrible, trust me! Welcome to the Beginners Taiko Tournament, where during this tournament, the spotlight's on you! We get to witness new members in the Taiko community improve upon their drumming skills, and who knows, a future top player? Well no matter who it is, you've got to start from the bottom and work your way to the top!


Staff Form

The only restriction that exists here for registration is that you and your partner's PP cannot combine to more than 4000. This is meant to be a beginner's tournament, and many, if not all the maps are catered towards those who are just starting :) We don't want an unfair advantage! There's two exceptions to this rule.

1. If you're the appropriate rank upon registration but you or your partner exceeds your total PP limit before the tournament begins, as long as you are still below 4100PP, you're considered eligible.
2. If you rank while the tournament is taking place, that cannot be stopped, but please refrain from doing so (ranking too far past 4100PP might require modifications/eliminations).
SIGN UP (Participants)
SIGN UP (Staff)
Please join the Discord Server after you have registered!


1. [Burno-] / Sebaeza (PicoPalQueLee)
2. Pony Cultist / InsaneMadness
3. she rack / Carnate (Sexy Snowmen)
4. Remyton / Ianite (SLAMJAYM29)
5. Kizmah / CaptainEChan (FreePeePee)
6. tartrium / mountepic (The Fidget Spinners)
7. Charisma / PKFP
8. chrisny / Heam (Quantum Nature)
9. That One Girl / Rukairi (The Savage Butterflies)
10. Gato2499 / InsaneToe (Midnight Demons)
11. TGOY / Douhboi
12. Starger / c41125
13. Braixen / Narkeo
14. nullfathi / davidminh0111 (rerorerorero)
15. Hatiso / Moreon (Hrr tfu jebać)
16. CrosisBH / Zaci
17. Snowwy / Damach
18. PhantomHunt3r / Maylypeji
19. Minisora / shimemem
20. likeablesundew8 / Sepatu


There's a lot of ground to cover in the Rules section, so please bear with me as I cover the various sections. If you already know how a general tournament works, a refresher never hurts.
1. This tournament is double-elimination and two-player.
2. The mappool will be announced the day before a stage begins, and the categories are as follows:
NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod, TieBreaker
3. Match schedule is decided amongst the organizers. This is to ensure that both organizers and players will be available on that date, hence why timezones are required in the registration. When a time that works is found, everyone shall be notified of the time. Each stage of this tournament will last a week, and that week starts when the mappool is announced.
4. If there is no referee or organizer available, the match can be postponed.
5. If both players tie on the TieBreaker, the TieBreaker will be replayed with FreeMod rules.
6. If a player disconnects from the game, the opponent wins the round. The only exception is if the player disconnects during the first five seconds of the song, in which the match is restarted.
7. Maps cannot be used twice in the same round.
8. You have 20 minutes to show up to your scheduled match. If the opponent doesn't show up, the team who shows up can either agree to play a 1v2 or ask for a default win and advance.
9. Scores will be calculated using SCORE V1.
10. Any other rules changes or unexpected occurrences will be announced in the thread.
1. There are four stages to this tournament: the Group Stage, the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals.
2. Matches are randomly selected within specific PP averages and timezones. Closer ranks have higher priorities.
3. In order to win in all matches except the grand finals, it's best of 7, or the first to win four matches. In the grand finals, it's best of 9, or the first to win five matches.
4. If it occurs that the Winner of the Losers' Bracket wins the first time in the Grand Finals, the tournament is subject to a bracket reset. They play a final set because both players only have one set loss in the tournament.
1. A private match will be created for your match, and both teams will be invited into their match when it's their time. Make certain you're online at this time.
2. Each team is allowed one warm-up, but it must be below 3 minutes.
3. Map selection will be done by the team who is currently losing. At the start however, it'll be whoever !roll the highest. When the starting team is decided, both teams will select one map to ban that is not the tiebreaker.
4. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker is selected.
5. Results will be displayed on Challonge, and announced either by the team or the referee.
1. There's a different pool in each stage of the tournament, becoming progressively harder.
2. As stated before, NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod, and TieBreaker are the six categories that exist for this tournament.
3. Each mappool has 13 maps, which includes 4 NoMod maps, 2 Mod maps (including FreeMod), and one TieBreaker.
4. If FreeMod is selected, Flashlight is prohibited.
5. Tiebreaker is played without mods unless the Tiebreaker ends in a tie.
6. As stated previously, the mappool is released when a stage starts.
1. Every stage is held during the week to let players practice the mappool before the match. Before the next stage begins, if applicable, I will message the players on who they're up against. The mappool will come out every Monday, with matches starting on either the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the stage.
2. Matches are allowed to overlap if referees are not available at the time of the match.
3. You must complete your match within the week or both teams are eliminated.

If there are questions, feel free to notify me, or post in the thread!


Organizers: FlamingRok, Swovine, jh1h1h
Mappool: FlamingRok, Swovine, jh1h1h, Unmei Muma
Referees (Per Region/Time Zone):
NA/SA: Swovine, DiggyDogg, InsaneToe
Eu: -Leafeon
Asia/Pacific: jh1h1h, Minisora, tkdLolly, nullfathi
Commentators & Streamers: Edgar_Figaro, Minisora, DiggyDogg, InsaneToe, jh1h1h


Registration Period: May 4th 2017 - June 1st 2017, 12PM EST
Tournament Start: June 2nd 2017
Group Stage: June 2nd - June 8th
Post-Group Stage and Loser's Bracket Round 1: June 9th - June 15th
Winner's Bracket Round 3 and Loser's Bracket Round 2: June 16th - June 22nd
Quarterfinals and Loser's Bracket Round 3: June 23rd - June 29th
Loser's Bracket Round 4 and Loser's Bracket Round 5: June 30th - July 4th
Semifinals and Loser's Bracket Round 6: July 5th - July 11th
Loser's Bracket Rounds 7 and 8: July 12th - July 18th
Finals: July 19th - July 25th
Tournament End: July 25th 2017


1st Place gets a free month of supporter!

Every player has fun hopefully? If you register, I hope you enjoy your time here, future Taiko Drum Masters!
Need any extra people to help out with the tournament?
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Ya dude, help is always appreciated! The forms above should give some more info!
Der Katze
hm, I'll look for a partner
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Hopefully we can get you one pretty quickly. We have a few still waiting for a partner so we'll see if we can get that to work!
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Hey Der Katze! Sorry for any confusion, but the 4000pp limit is between two partners. Being a 2v2 beginner tournament, we feel that it would be very difficult to find a partner that wouldn't quickly exceed the Pp limit for your team. However, we are always looking for staff, so if you are interested, you can signup to be a staff member and still participate!
Der Katze

Swovine wrote:

Hey Der Katze! Sorry for any confusion, but the 4000pp limit is between two partners. Being a 2v2 beginner tournament, we feel that it would be very difficult to find a partner that wouldn't quickly exceed the Pp limit for your team. However, we are always looking for staff, so if you are interested, you can signup to be a staff member and still participate!
damn, I thought it's a limit of 4k pp for each person
good to know 8-)
I want to join but I need a partner, please if someone is interested in teaming with me up, pm me :D:D
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Hey gato, we have some guys on the discord that still need a partner. If you join it, I'm sure you'll find one!
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