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my tablet randomly stops working mid game for a couple of seconds and it is a problem with OSU (OSU.exe is the only app affected by the issue) since it was working well up until the last update, I tried alot of "fixes" on the internet, that is YouTube videos, forums and more. No in-game setting or third party application fixed the issue. This is my last resort since I haven't been able to play at all and quite frankly I'd love to keep clicking.

Fixes I have tested without sucess:
Downgrading AND Upgrading tablet drivers
Installing various Windows updates (Including the new Creators Update)
Disabling INK
Disabling Handwrite
Disabling all pen and tablet buttons
Disabling TabletSupport (In-game option)
Disabling Raw Input (In-game option)
Enabling Compatibility mode (In-game option)
Playing Fullscreen and Windowed with/without letterboxing
Playing around with the Frame limiter
Running ViziblrFixMyPen
Changing Wacom properties from the services tab
Changing the render
Replacing the pen nib (just in case)

No image or video is necessary since you only feel the issue if you experience yourself, it is very hard to tell by looking at a recording.
Tablet is not faulty, OSU is the only app affected. As I previously said.
No other changes to the OSU files were made besides to the render which I reverted as soon as I saw no improvement.

osu! version: 20160403.6
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