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Problem Details: When I want to play Osu (standart mode),my mouse sensitivity just adjusts itself with the speed of the sliders. And I barely moove my hand too fast that my mouse is teleporting at the other side of my screen. So it's unplayable for me... Usually I play with my sensitivity at 3.60x but the bug start from 1.0x. For the information my Windows version is Window 10.

I've already tried some solutions but, it didn't worked ;
Uninstall/Install Osu
Go to the mouse settings and uncheck the "improve the precision case"
Go to forums and tried differents things like "Install a file to delete entirely the mouse acceleration" but that asked to go to my computer settings and to open I don't know what in that file and I've never reached that one setting because I'm not good in all these things with the computer :')

I hope you'll have a solution for me because it's been 8 days since I couldn't play Osu... I'm desperate.
ps; I'm sorry for my english that isn't very good :/

osu! version: 20170409cuttingedge
Ever i had this problem too! But on my computer it was only one time. So the last time's i dont have that problem anymore. But i really dont know how to fix that problem :/ to me it was just a sudden road
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