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Problem Details:
I have a problem with background videos of SOME beatmaps when playing, and it is always the sames that have problems. Sometimes a part of the video just kind of stops and repeat itself, then stops and the video just "jump" where it should have been (I don't know if I'm clear sorry). The audio has no problems.
When it does that Osu lags briefly and the "cursor" freezes a little (I play in catch, but I have also lag problems on maps with the issue in mania mode). The cursor lag is visible at about 52s of the video.

I have a laptop on Windows 10 with 6 GB ram, and have a Geforce GTX 850M (I updated it some hours ago). I play with DirectX ,unlimited framerate. I tried fallback has I worked maybe a year ago when I first had this problem, but it doesn't work anymore. I run Osu! with my graphics card. Desactivates video on beatmaps with issues solves the problem, but has it happens only on some so I find this very strange, and I like playing with an animated background ^^'. I've tried the graphisms options but it didn't work, but maybe I tried the wrong ones. I don't know the english names of the ones I tried... :/

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ekqo7ysho ... 010205.mp4
(Sorry for the poor quality, it was difficult to record it alone, I don't really know how to record it directly with my computer).

osu! version: 20170404.2 (latest)
It's been more than 5 days now, up ^^'.
I know what you mean because I also have this since a while. Hope someone can help ;w;
It's been 5 days since the last answer now, up ^^'
Hello! Just an update to say that my issue has been resolved.

The bug was with .avi videos. The issue was fixed by downloading and installing the K-Lite pack, and putting my battery mode in "high performance". For some reasons it removed itself from it with an update and I didn't notice it. But the problem was not entirely from the battery, since I had the problem before that update.

Hope it can help, I think this thread can be moved to "resolved issues" now!
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