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Hi, I am about to start mapping a song, and I have two MP3s for the song I want to use. One has a quieter drum part, which is better for the taiko difficulty, but for the standard difficulties I have a version with a louder drum part. The song is fairly drum oriented (It was on drum mania :D) so I would like the taiko player to feel as if they are playing that part instead of playing along with the part. Is there any way to make it so separate difficulties have different MP3s?
Make sure you have both versions of the mp3 in your beatmap folder.

Then go on your first difficulty in the editor, go to file - open .osu in notepad and change the "AudioFilename:" line to the name of the first mp3. Then open your taiko difficulty and do the same thing but change the "AudioFilename:" line to the name of the second mp3. Then refresh the map and they should each have their own mp3.

Although it isn't really advised for small changes in an mp3 as it can increase the overall file size of the mapset by a lot.
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