[resolved] Osu! freezes randomly

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About 2 days ago my pc was updating and right after the update was finished I played osu.
Everything seemed to be normal 'till I played a beatmap, osu freezed about every minute for 3 seconds while playing any beatmap.
I was searching for a solution to fix it, I found some solutions on the forums, reddit and other sites, I tested it but these solutions didn't seem to be work for me.
After 2 days of searching I still didn't found any solutions which seems to be working.
Here are some things I tried:
-Closed all background apps
-Re-installed osu
-Doing something with the command prompt (seemed to work for some people but it didn't work for me)
-Deleted all beatmaps I got (before I re-installed osu)
-Changed skin for 4 times
-Enabled compatibility option (seems to work but it gives osu more lag)
-Disabled full screen mode
And more which I cant remember.
After I tried all those things I re-installed osu again and now the game just freezes about every 1 minute for 3 seconds (so, not only the beatmaps are freezing, the whole game does)
I really hope you guys can help me. Osu is one of my favourite games and I really want to play it without any issues. :cry:
I'm not exactly sure how to fix this myself but just wanted to point out that this question would fit better under the Help forum. I hope you find how to fix this soon, though!
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I have the same issue as well. Use Compatibility Mode until there is a fix.
What OS are you running and what version of osu! Are you on? Try running an anti virus scan as well.
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I honestly don't know what OS means. If you mean renderer I use: Stable (Latest)
Osu! version: b20170222.3
And I'll run anti virus scan
Sandy Hoey
OS is operating system (i.e. Windows, Linux)
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I restarted my pc and the problem is somehow solved. :o
Osu! isn't freezing anymore AND I got less lag than before the freezing issues.
So now I am twice as happy! :)
And I am running osu on windows 10.
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Thanks for your help! :D
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