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Nitronic Techno
Hello Everyone,

I would like to present to you my map for which I want to have Guest difficulty.

The map name is called Wave by Lily (The Vocaloid) and was created by nice.
There a place for someone to do a storyboard. Since this map has quite a good video I hope that someone can do a great storyboard to match it. But this is a possibility since I'm not very big on the thing and so it not a necessity for this map.
The map will consist of a lot of different spectrum of difficulties so anyone and everyone can request for any diff they want.
The available Diffs are;
Easy (1 diff available) 1.2-1.5*
Normal (I have made one that 1.93* but I have one more available) 1.6 - 1.95
Hard (2 Diffs) 2* - 3.5*
Insane (2 Diffs + 1 more I may create on this) 3.6* - 4.15*

The also extra diffs available for this if anyone can do this as well;
Extra (1 Diff) 4.2* - 4.6*
Expert (1 Diff) 4.7* - 5*

Please do respond to this and mod the current diff I have as well.
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