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This is my first forum post ever so if I'm doing everything wrong feel free to tell me!

I think there should exist an option that makes osu remember my scroll speed between keymodes (4k or 7k for example).
Right now there exist 2 options, “bpm scaling” and “remember scrollspeed per beatmap”. I propose there should exist a third.

Let's say, for example, that I just played a 4k beatmap with scroll speed 32. Personally I like to play all keymodes (1k - 10k) randomly, so i often switch. That means I have to constantly re-adjust the scroll speed every time i switch keymode. I suck at 9k for example, and usually play those maps with scroll speed 24, and 7k with 28. It would be nice if osu kept track of this.

Thanks for reading:D
Already requested before here t/251752?hilit=Remember+scroll please search your request before posting so that we can reduce duplicates. Support that thread instead please.
Oh, sorry to waist your time. Rip.
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