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(...fuck, now it seems like I have a reason to buy a 3DS. I think.)

"Square Enix has a new Final Fantasy game on the way for 3DS, but it's not quite the RPG we're used to. The new game is titled Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Yes, this is that Final Fantasy themed rhythm game we've all been waiting for.

Revealed in this week's Jump, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a "Theater Rhythm Action" game. The game has field scenes set in dungeons and towns, and battle scenes that resemble the side-view battles of older Final Fantasy games. However, everything is played like a rhythm game, where you tap the screen in accordance with prompts.

Needless to say, the game's music is pulled from past Final Fantasy games. Characters, including the likes of Lightning and Cloud, are also in the game, only they're shown in cute "chibi" style form.

There seems to be somewhat of a story to the game. Jump says that the classic Final Fantasy characters are fighting to return light to the crystal.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is currently without a final release date."

So, this is the 3DS Final Fantasy game eh? A cute lil spinoff~ err lol I forgot to edit out aqua's line right here
Ah, yes. I was reading up about this on BemaniStyle.

I'm definitely gonna get this when it comes out. I needed another reason to get a JP 3DS

With games like 3nd Impact and Theatrhythm, Portable rhythm gaming is gonna be in this season
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Gonna pull out some money to get myself a 3DS first... that is, if the games I expect to come out actually get announced.
A Final Fantasy Rhythm Game? That's cute. lol
This is making me far more excited than it should.

Jarby wrote:

This is making me far more excited than it should.
My thoughts exactly.
Seems like it has some potential to be fun. Those screenshots don't give me a lot of hope for well-designed rhythm gameplay, but I'll wait for at least a video before I pass judgment
I'm only buying this because of Final Fantasy

Gabi wrote:

I'm only buying this because of Final Fantasy
That's not a good excuse to buy things these days (With the possible exception of the re-releases on the PSN and Virtual Console).
This game will get annoying if you keep on playing the same battle music AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN...
Still not buying a 3DS
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