[duplicate] Negative score / ranks in profile (osu-web)

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See this player as an example, they have a negative ranked score, -1 SS ranks and -3 A ranks which shouldn't be possible.

This player has clearly figured out a way to consistently make it happen as he has managed to get -2045 A ranks somehow.
Sandy Hoey
Confirmed issue: t/344752
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This doesn't appear to be the same issue as the past one involved qualified maps as far as I'm aware. I think that might be what happened with the first example though since they last played 2 years ago.

I just managed to reproduce it and it seems to be related to the recent one-score-per-mod-combo feature.

I reproduced it by getting an A rank score with no mods, then getting an SS rank with a mod. This added an SS rank to my total and deducted an A rank. Using further mod combinations deducted further A ranks as I still had the nomod A rank score. As you can see I not have -2 A ranks and -1 S rank in CTB.

Seems to be a pretty big oversight that probably affects a lot of people without them realising, not sure how viable recalculating them would be with this many players though.
Same issue, Different cause.

Will use that info you provided though, thanks.
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