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(i suck a bit at english but i'll try to do my best, sorry if something are bad writted :? )

Hi there, i'm an osu! player as everyone in this page and in my travel playing osu! i noticed something about replays, and is that the Replays can only be saved when you end of play an beatmap, but i can't save my replay when i go to the Local Ranking. Maybe can add an option to save Replays? (i know there's an option but add it in Options menu because sometimes the player don't know where are)

i hope this request became true because i really want to save my replays :oops:
If there is a replay available to be saved, then you can go to the local file and click f2. That will make a copy on your computer
actually, all replays are saved in your data > r folder. you can sort by date motified to see your recent replays, and click on the "osu! beatmap" one and it'll load the replay up
note that the data folder is hidden so you need to enable hidden folders to be visible if you haven't already
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