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I always had problems with low bpm maps, I used to only single tap until 190 bpm (except the 1/6 in which I alternate) and the 190-230 bpm range was impossible to me since it was too slow and my accuracy was horrible. Whenever I played a map in which I only single tapped, I had to put HR on because otherwise I just get confused with everything that's appearing on the screen. My 230-300 bpm was fine. (Still couldn't read long and complex streams)
All this time I used to play 1920x1080 fullscreen.

1 Week ago I put up 4:3 1280x1024 stretched to 1080p and I could finally alternate on everything up to 240bpm (scroll speed is too fast.)

I would like to bring the best of both worlds together but I don't know how since I don't know the issue. At first I thought I couldn't bring myself to play slower but I proved myself wrong..

To understand this issue I'd like to know why you chose 4:3 or 16:9 or why some players like to play windowed in a portion of their screen.
While answering take this in consideration:

-My performance on scorev2 when it increased 16:9's scroll speed was better.
-My 1080p screen is kinda small (Don't know if it's related)
-It's not a fps problem (My hardware is good)
-I'm a kkdd player
i play 4:3 up to 315bpm, from 320bpm i put on widescreen and move it to the right so i can cut part of it, then as the bpm increases i move the window to the left so i can see more of it, and finally at 330bpm i use the full 16:9.

if the song is too slow i play on 4:3 but move the window to the right so i play in a portion of it.

i think it's a matter of getting used to it.
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