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Do you watch any osu! streamers?

Yes, I watch them regularly.
27.09% 204
Yes, I watch them occasionally.
56.18% 423
I would watch, but nobody streams the gamemode I like.
5.44% 41
No, I do not.
11.29% 85
Total votes: 753
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We're interested to know how people feel about the streaming community of osu!, and in particular, how frequently people support these players by either watching them or participating in their communities.

If you do watch an osu! streamer (or multiple), please list their names in a response below.
Need more osu!catch streamers tbh.

actually, Taiko too.
Occasionally doomsday, azer, and happy stick, but not very often
Happystick and Cookiezi the most, occasionally Azer.
Watching mainly Staiain, he's the only guy to stream Mania often
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