Arrived in the forums eventually ^^

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Hello there Osu Community!
I'm Emerold and i am pretty new to osu itself - played for around a month now. My hometown is far up in the northern part of Germany in "Schleswig-Holstein" and sadly there is almost no snow here... (yeah yeah, southern Germany is getting burried in snow and we have our cold sunshine up here ^^)

If anyone is interested in playing some multiplayer or just chatting around, feel free to add me. Although its my last year in school I am pretty active in the moment. I think i am a little bit addicted to this game, hehe :D
Sandy Hoey
Welcome to the forums!
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Thank you ^^
Welcome :oops:
zen zen
Well if it isn't my rival (for one night)

Hello hello!
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Oh hello there ^^
Good to see you again. We can still be rivals, if you want to ;) However, in the moment i passed you with my rank, so its your turn now :P
Welcome to osu! and the osu! forums! I'm Vee.
Be sure to read the osu! Rules before you do much of anything else. The forum rules can also be found there.
Each subforum has a specific set of rules that can be found stickied at the top of the subforum, like so:

I hope you enjoy it here! Here's your complimentary welcome GIF:
Welcome to the forums.
Soul Evans
Hope you enjoy your stay!
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Great Thx to all of you :D
And dont worry, no rules will be violated ^-^
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