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For fps games I use a claw grip holding the mouse at 40 deg angle to the left with my right hand. I wanted to pick up osu with mouse in order to increase my control to aid me in FPS games. I'm playing Overwatch currently if that's any important. The problem is i can't use the same grip in osu. For some reason it is EXTREMELY uncomfortable and i just can't move the mouse smoothly and the mouse falls out of my hand sometimes and the grip becomes incredibly weird and turns into a mess and i can't pass 2 star songs. So will using a totally different grip aid in my control of the mouse contributing to my other grip for FPS games. I am not looking for osu to improve my aim in a 3D game I just want to have better control because my control of the mouse is horrid. Also with FPS games since you move our mouse while clicking would it be better to play mouse only for osu?
In FPS games, it is ideal to have a lower sensitivity for better control, thus requiring you to lift your mouse a lot.
In osu!, however, (afaik) most mouse players don't lift their mouse except during breaks to reposition it back to the center.
I don't have much experience on mousesu!, but I guess you should have a stronger grip for FPS games (I use 400dpi 1.2sens 6/11 for csgo and I swing my mouse like crazy.) unless you're playing with a 10000 DPI Razer.
Honestly, osu! isn't really that much of a help for FPS games, in contrast to MOBA and cursor-based games which can heavily benefit from your osu! skills.
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