Did anyone play Geometry Dash?

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If you did, plz share your GD username and share what you think about Osu!
If you did not, (F*** OFF >:( [jk :D ]) would you try geometry dash and SHARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT OSU!!! (Win Win I should say :) )

My GD name is WavePoint(lol)

I came here just to enjoy myself for no apparent reason and surprisingly this game isn't hard for me.
Still thinking if Geometry Dash or Osu! is harder than others. 8-)
would be better if this is at Video Games.
Yup as said above this should be in Video Games, don't make a new post a moderator will move it to the appropriate area!

OP: I played GD quite a while ago and by far I think osu! is harder. It is pretty difficult to compare the two seeing as both use different concepts but osu! uses a lot more mechanics to get good at where GD only trains one or two skills. Regardless I just enjoy osu! more so I am probably being bias but just throwing my 2 cents in here!
Caput Mortuum
I played the game a while ago, then quit because the game doesn't really sync to the song sometimes because of my shitty phone (or is it actually not?) and that really ruined my experience, because the whole concept is to make a platformer that go with the song.
Harder than osu imo. More memorisation required, which isn't my best skill :p
My GD ID is: Geriax

I think osu is trash and ever since GD 2.0 came out the gameplay of Demons and just regular levels isn't fun anymore.

Oh and 2.1 is never coming out lol
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