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Holy shit that first preview song
(vocals sounds familiar....a little MoiMoi-esque for some reason)
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offtopic guess what I found in the arcade that also has Momoiro and Maimai GreeN

My life is now complete
Fixing dialgadu's Donkama

And I want to die from that

tetsutaro wrote:

Fixing dialgadu's Donkama

And I want to die from that
Don't even try to resnap all notes
Whoops too late

tetsutaro wrote:

Whoops too late

My map was pretty correct imo
I asked some months ago for maps for the TBT project, but didn't add them yet.
Could you send me some authentic maps again please? (Go, go tetsu, shamless self adverstisment? lol)
Can be easy or tricky up to pretty hard. But should be mapped nice and be a cool song as well.

Would be nice if you would help me.
1. Do not choose Hurtling Boys, Calculator or Donkama 2000 (duh)
2. What is the TBT for again lol (bad memory)
Taiko Beginner Training v2

A project for people who face for the first time taiko.
Oh OK.

1. Beginner: For me I would say if you are training then skip the easy Kantan and Futsuu maps. Get straight on with the tough stuff... in Kantan/Fustuu
Houou Tenbu Mugen Kuzure 4* Kantan It's actually a very well made Kantan.
D's Adventure Note 7* Futsuu Mix of 6ths and 8ths! DAN is a very good and proper exit-test type (pass Kantan and more than good to start Futsuu and so on)

2. Advanced: You don't have many slow songs here lol (Kikyoku 150, TentaiKansoku 163, shiny smile 170, GO MY WAY 180)
Slower songs gives players more time to feel how to execute the clusters.
Arigatou 4* Oni (79 BPM)
Misenai Namida wa, Kitto Itsu Ka 5* Oni (83 BPM, has two 9-hit dddkkkddd though)
Yuugao no Kimi 7* Oni (128 BPM, but ending 24th)

2.5 Personally I still have trouble with mixed even clusters (2 or 4 hits).
You may want to train people more with rhythms like continuous doubles, and even the dreaded doubles with singles mixed together
Republic Sanka 8* Oni ... 6F96%21162
Libble to Rabble no Magical Fantasy 8* Oni
Lisdoonvarna no Tasogare 8* Oni
BLUE TOPAZ 9* Oni (Kurouto) (Tatsujin has everything Extreme. Not recommend before that)

3. Extreme: Long clusters and deep mixed...Not really extreme stuff here, the clusters. But Kurenai is a really high level challenge (stamina-wise).
The Stars and Stripes Forever 7* Oni
Kage no Densetsu 8* Oni
Densha de Densha de GO!GO!GO!GC! -GMT remix- 8* Oni (we are cutting edge here, this one came out just last month)
Aisowarai 8* Oni (has all kinds of 3-hit clusters! Good as final exam for 3-hits)
Ruslan and Lyudmilla Overture 8* Oni ... 6F96%21162 (speed!)

3.5 But then again Kurenai isn't that high on the overall scale anymore. Being cut to 8* and all, it is actually very regular in patterns.
Going forward, train people to face irregular long streams:
Pastel Sealane 9* Oni ... ealane.osz (140 BPM, slow enough for grasping stuff)
Oozora to Taiko no Odori 9* Oni

4. Extra: 12ths and 24ths training!
Sanpo 5* Oni (Omote) (strongly discourage Ura as of now)
Ikasama Pirates 7* Oni

There. I put both my favourite GMs in so yeah
Hi, I made Kantan, Fuutsu and Muzukashii diff for Donkama2000 because its Oni diff is too hard for me...
There is also Symphonic Druaga in the link :) ... 94P7zsiTua
The two timing sections were crazy... I wish the next song I will map will be easier to do.

tetsutaro wrote:

Whoops too late
k your version is way better
btw what did you fix? (other than the SV changes?)
Really balanced mixture in there! I love that someone else likes DAN's Futsuu- that was pretty clever!

dialgadu77 wrote:

k your version is way better
btw what did you fix? (other than the SV changes?)
I snap everything back as the new static wikihouse map gives

Lokamp wrote:

Really balanced mixture in there! I love that someone else likes DAN's Futsuu- that was pretty clever!
Yay then it's probably OK. Kinda worry it might be too hipster too be useful
What's hipster though is the NicoVideo live event for the Taiko 2013 tourney. For the 1st tentative Finals day, the event was also being anticipated in full English descriptions for the overseas audience; now it's Japanese-only :s
New Taiko chart:

I haven't made taiko chart for such a long time lol (also coming to osu forum)
Yay mimi

osu's new Taiko autodiffs on some AC0 10s:
Ura HHB: 6.6*
Ura Cirno: 6.8*
DAN: 7*
Calculator: 7* <-- What
Soroban: 7*
Karamari: 7.1*
SotsuOme: 7.2*
Ura Taiko Time: 7.8* <-- What
Hurtling: 8.8*
Donkama: 9.2* <-- Well you got one thing right
Well today the Taiko 3DS2 demo got released

aqua/pikaby can you contact yamilla from UltraPisman? Maybe the used will be kinterested into some more Taiko video footage :D

em i gud enugh
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