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Good evening.

Now the case is that I keep getting disconnected from bancho every five or ten minutes, and its quite annoying as I can't even play more then one MP game, if even that, without getting disconnected and kicked out of the room.

I thought that the problem would be in the amount of upspeed i have available, but i tried turning off everything that could possibly take up anything, had plenty of it, but yet the same problem still occurs, there is no difference at all.

It worked perfectly fine for over a year, up until this month.

I have a more then fast enough internet connection (even if it has slowed down by half recently, was up at 22~mbps a while back), i get in about 15mbps down and 1mbps up at the moment, with an 18ms ping. I've played on a connection far worse then this before, and i've had no troubles at all with it.

Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you in advance.
Tried to relog, open ports, restarting a bazillion times, closing everything that takes up my network
Please provide a 1,000 ping test to the osu! server:

From command prompt type
ping -n 1000 osu.ppy.sh
Wait until it finishes and paste results.

it is in swedish, but should be pretty self explanatory anyhow

i put the result of the log on top

I can translate it if you need it, although i doubt that it will be necessary.
Your connection seems stable enough. Do you see any fluctuations in the ping when the disconnection occurs?
My apologies for the late reply, but it has been working fine for a while now. Haven't been disconnected for a few days straight. Thank you anyhow.
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