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Image size : 128x128
Image link :
Text : Krzywerx
Boders : square
Any suggestions: nope

Thanks in advance and good luck :3
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Image size : standard size (128x128)
Image link : this pic
Text : Kato
Borders : Normal Line
Form : Square
Any suggestions: please erase the background, and can you use somehow handwriting font? and can you use some christmas-themed border? and please make the picture's color softened a bit so there will be a bit foggy and snowy

Thank you so much! I am sorry if the request that much :3
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To be honest i never done something like that but I hope you'll like it :)

Sansu wrote:

To be honest i never done something like that but I hope you'll like it :)
I like it, but can you give a foggy sensation, just like, you know, snowy, by soften the colour. thanks :)
Collab Avatar

Image Size: 128x128 pro avatar und 600x210 für meine Userpage
Image Link: ... jpg?w=1200
Text Links:xSoul Mitte: Toony Rechts: Lisa
Borders: Only Toonys border Rounded the other ones should be squared

Wäre es Möglich das Collab für die Userpage so zu machen dass ich die 3 Profile auf dem Bild verlinken kann?
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Image size : 623x305
Image :
Text : Rising up, like never before
Border : No
Animated gif : Steht unten , wie ich es haben möchte~~
Any suggestions: Du kannst hier deine Kreativität freien Lauf lassen!
Provide mir am Ende bitte drei Versionen und zwar: - Ein Userpage Banner ohne Animationen oder Extras
- Ein Userpage Banner nur mit Extras
- Ein Userpage Banner mit Animationen und Extras

Danke dir im Voraus!
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For Banner YouTube :3 :

Image size : 2560x1440
Image : ... a_girl.jpg
Text : " Drain" and in below " all mods osu! "
Border : No
Animated gif : No
Any suggestions: Font ; A font that fits well with the background :p , and could you add this logo please ? ... 8ums2c.png

Thank you very much !
Image size : 128x128
Image link : (The girl in white)
Text : Sempah(≧ω≦)
Borders : ... 342e706e67
Any suggestions: Font : ... 972158.png


Surprise me :):D
Image size : 1200*744
Image link : ... 0318102322
Text :
Borders : Normal
Form : Square
Any suggestions: could you make a collab for this picture ? one of the collab pics of the boy on left and another for the girl on right ? No text and same border for both of them. make it look nice please ! :D

Thanks in advance !
Image size : osu profile size
Image link : ... 77x437.jpg
Text : Nashiro-
Borders : IDC
Form : Circle
Any suggestions: -----
mage size : 128x128
Image link :
Text : Lethal (Bottom Right)
Boders : Yes, Square, Color: (same color pallet as her hair ribbon)
Any suggestions: Yes;

~Leave the background transparent (the image is a PNG)
~Font (
~Make the text White, with a outline of red (same color pallet as her hair ribbon)
~Slant the text in the bottom right (leave it a bit away from the border)

Thankyou for taking my request ♥♥

Image size: just like for your art page (welcome to sansu...)
Image link: merry christmas
text: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Border: yes
Gif: Y "snowflakes"
Extra: snowflakes gif and make it winter-themed

Happy making~
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Im sry but i cancell your request because of multi requesting
Still in Progress
thank you very much! :):):)
Image size : 256x256
Image link : ... daac6b.png
Text : Sylvaria-
Borders : Cut Line
Form : Rounded
Any suggestions: -
I Ren I

Type: Banner
Image size : anything that looks good for a banner
Image : ... 46775c.png
Text : Fly High!!
Border : No
Animated gif : ... 00x200.gif
Any suggestions:
Can the text be on Times New Roman :3 , also the image can you put it on top the gif, anywhere it looks good :)
~Thanks :):)
- myRumble -
Image size : 180x180
Image link :Click
Text : 私ランブル und eins wo myRumble steht
Borders : Normal Line
Form : Rounded
Any suggestions: Hi. Nimm die mit der Lila Jacke
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