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$25 USD, but unlike the mobile version, all songs are unlocked right away. And it's scheduled to have free DLC later.
I love it so much, I don't regret buying it at all
>Fate game coming to Switch
>Senran Kagura also coming to Switch which will use HD rumble
>finds way to buy JP eShop credit

Btw, do you guys already have a thread for Friend Code Exchanges?

And also, the only thing i find kinda annyoing is the split Credit's
And for some reason its way easier to get a JP E-Shop Card than a US one...
You Americans and your silly seperate Taxes..still found a Work-around for it,
but its still kinda annoying when you have 40€ on one account, 5$ on the other, and whatever Yen amount on the Japanese xD
Mk8 deluxe is out! It's a lot of fun even though it's just mk8 wrapped with a bow.
Is it worthy for a new topic??
I don't think we even have enough Switch players in this community to begin with...
hey there, does anyone here buy blaster master 0 ? It's very good game tho

Half-tempted to get this even though I don't know anything about the Fates series outside of Fate/kaleid. I'm wondering how much do I need to know if I do end up getting the game.
I got it. Can't say i was disappointed.
A lot of good games are coming out this year and next year.
The game i've been waiting for is finally out... (Splatoon 2)
I ended up spoiling final boss for myself though.
There's a nintendo direct today!
I wonder what they'll show off this time.
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