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O w l
So apparently when I'm jumping, my hand tends to grip my pen tightly.

Afterwards, I let go of my pen and my right hand hurts like hell.

Is there anyway to stop this? (Or am I just stuck with this forever until my anxiety stops)
Sandy Hoey
You will tense up as you strain yourself. You could try changing your pen grip (which I would not recommend unless you are holding it in a fist like a 2 year old). Instead, just keep playing. You will get used to the difficulty you are playing at and you will become less stressed as you play and your hand will not tense up
no pain no gain

try not to get carpal tunnel doe
I used to feel the same, well, I still do when I jump on maps that are out of my comfort zone. I guess I would say that once you start getting comfortable with the pattern and bpm, then your right hand might feel like the hit circles/sliders are magnets to your cursor.
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