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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
it dosn't look like the notes are snapped too much which can make the flow a bit hard
it looks like you have a good understanding of the timing of notes so great job on that!

Tips on improving flow of map:
-probably test the map to the flow of your liking (if you already haven't)
-ask some people to try your map and have them tell you what they don't like about the flow and see what they think could make the map better
-probably keep the ar and cs the level they are because I think it is fitting for the map

overall I think the map still needs some work on the things above but I believe you can make a nice map

Happy mapping! ;)
I appreciate you taking the time to post.

Even parts of the map that are already finished, I still have plans to/will change. So while your post makes sense, the map isn't isn't intended to stay as it is right now.
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