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Fixed all except for the suggestion Bluekrait mentioned on the hard diff. Tags will be added after updating gds
fixed all except ds increase thingy
Removed Moa's Easy. The mapper seems lazy and has no motivation.

Dailycare wrote:

Removed Moa's Easy. The mapper seems lazy and has no motivation.
I totally agre...... nvm lul
irc modding :)

good f.....luck!!
thanks for irc check xd
u need a log to prove the irc xd

00:04:341 (5,6) - the 1/2 slider can turn into a circle and the 1/6 can start at 00:04:528 - for better playability. you usually used to take the 1/6 sliders without connected slider before such as 00:13:528 (4) - hence this might work better in consistency as well.
01:05:841 (3,4,5) - the sounds are quite unclear to hear properly but I'm sure this is 1/6 due to how the another part sounds 00:03:028 - spamming 1/6 sliders too much is not really comfy so can just remove the note on blue tick 01:17:841 (3,4,5) - same goes here
01:39:684 (1) - can silence tbh apply all diffs
00:58:997 (7) - hitsound fits here especially it's a triplet in this diff
01:31:528 (4) - sadly it must be 1/6 or just cover the sound by a 1/2 slider
01:36:403 (7) - without this can make the stable 1/1s 01:36:591 (1,2) - stand out more
all fixed and changed some patterns to a jump

Revia and I lost the log, so Im just gonna prove what i'd fixed. Sorry for the prank.
01:03:591 (1) - 01:13:341 (2) - Fixed unsnapped silders
01:17:841 (4) - Made this straight
01:38:841 (3) - Adjust the blanket
Cellina's Lunatic feat. Dailycare
My map for mod: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/680195
Any metadata reference?

00:32:091 (1) - Uhh, I think this is a bit offscreen and hard to hit tbh 01:16:341 (3) - same
01:10:341 (3,4) - This placement is a bit questionable.

00:35:091 (1,2,3) - I think as to your previous pattern, this need to be "from outside to inside?"
01:04:341 (3,4) - Should be 3/4+1/2 too
01:05:841 (3,4) - According to vocal these might need to be two 1/2 sliders.
Same for the second Kiai section.
01:38:091 (1,2) - Strongly recommend to put them further. They look like 1/4 gap tbh
01:38:841 (1,2) - same

[Collab Lunatic]
00:37:903 (7,1) - Please make them further in between! It looks pretty like a 1/4 jump for now.
00:58:622 (4) - Unsnapped. No 1/4 here.

00:14:841 (1,2,1) - This antiflow plays pretty uncomfortable as 00:20:841 (1,2,1) - flows pretty nice

call me back
seems you finished the mod, so I just fixed all other than 01:04:341 (3,4) - in the Hard. I think it will be fine. And 3/4s would make the pattern a bit monotonous

And I adjusted 01:39:028 (2,3,4,5,1) - in the highest diff.
since some unrankable issues were pointed out, according to the rule I need to rebubble, you can ask previous BN for qualification!
Ooooo thanks xd
about the off-screen thing you were just using weird resolution lol
loving both yuuhei satellite songs, please bring in more of those. gz
I was just sleeping lul
Thanks btw
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