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태그에 매퍼 이름.

01:02:091 (1) - 오프스크린.
01:08:466 - 샘플셋 드럼 꼭 필요한가요?
01:11:091 (3,4) - 보컬이 나름 특이한 편인데 아무리 이지라고 해도 여기에 1/1 슬라 2개로 처리하는거는 너무 평범하게 느껴졌네요.

00:37:997 (8,1) - 스택 때문에 연타 모양이 어긋났습니다. (1)을 매뉴얼 스택 처리하시거나, 스택 리니언시 3을 사용해주세요.
01:18:778 - 여기에 보컬음이 존재하는데 슬라이더를 다른 악기 파트처럼 3/4로 사용하시니 어색함이 크네요.
http://www.konamistyle.jp/item/73096 I assume this is the source of the song, which means you need an space between the original title and ARRANGED thing in title.
what, which should be the source touhou or bemani? I think the real source is 東方Project since the original song is from it, bemani is just the game that includes this song.
so....... for the tags, https://osu.ppy.sh/s/122416 you can steal some of them from this as the original song is the same. you can ask me later for what are necessary and what aren't. and you can put all game titles from on the SPECIAL column of the link.
bg is lovely. you could make it higher quality tho.
00:15:591 (1) - good to put a finish here since there's a cymbal sound, maybe 00:21:591 (1) - this as well as it the cybal sound has. I guess the reason you didn't put finishes on them was the symbal sounds are a bit weaker than 00:20:841 (1,2) - though the symbals are strong enough to be hitsounded so.
00:24:591 (1,3) - well whistles are kinda questionable to me, I thought you'd have put new one on 00:25:716 (4) - because it's strongest sound for sure. although I would suggest to remove them instead adding one more, as they sound out of place when the music plays only chime sounds here. might better consider somehow custom hitsound to fit better than normal whistles.
00:33:216 (4,1) - adsdf this is touching to hp bar, ouch
00:51:591 (1,2,3,1) - prefer adding some finishes
00:54:591 (1,2,3,1) - same here. btw 00:55:153 (3) - is really hard to read as 80% of the slider body has been hidden by a slider. https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7274304 something like this one helps players a lot to read it easier and making the pattern itself more simple. a nc is still nice even if you wouldn't like to break your pattern here.
00:57:591 (1) - this stream jump is kinda hard plus there's no wub sound. nerfing the jump a bit would be better in the case.
01:02:091 (1,3) - same as 00:24:591 (1,3) -
01:17:841 (3) - whatever but this slider sharpe can be improved a bit, this currently looks like too fat lol.
01:36:872 - 01:37:059 - I think you could make them hitsounded for better playing wise. the hitsounding you've done here is currently weak against the song nor mapping pattern itself. I'd put normal sampleset at the first blue tick and then soft whistle at second blue tick, but since it's subjective it's up to you.
01:39:684 (1) - volume? xdd
[Cellina's Lunatic ft. jotbab]
diff name tho
I prefer having higher od EDIT:I mean HP DRAIN.
00:05:653 (4) - your current flow between 00:05:466 (3,4,5) - is kinda bad, you had any reason to make the distance between (4) and (5) closer and weird jump? it's okay to map strange jumps sometimes to make your mapping unique, but I'm not fan of this one at least. if that's me I would do another triangle-ish jump here again, which makes the flow and pattern more reasonable. https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7274338
00:15:216 (2) - the current position feels out of place to me because it forces aiming a bit. I would like you to place it to be stacked on 00:13:903 (5) - or something similar with what you did for 00:14:841 (1,1) - as I don't really understand why this circle should be placed at there.
00:27:028 - I feel something strange against the soft hitsound, idk why; just mention.
01:15:403 (7) - I was expecting a drum-whistle here.
some hitsounding suggestions in ABANDONED are nice to apply for this difficulty as well, I mean for the parts made by monthlycare.
01:10:341 (3) - move the end point by one grid right, maybe I've not mentioned about blanket for years, and this is my last time.
01:25:341 (1,2,1,2,1) - the ncs are kinda messing up your consistency on newcombos. the song nor mapping didn't make any particular reason for ncs, like no speed changes, no comples rhythms etc. maybe remove the first one:01:26:841 (1) - and third one: 01:26:841 (1) -
01:36:028 (5) - I'd like to change the curve more soft for the flow unless it's intended to be a blanket, you failed it either lol. this currently is not the best condition for both the pattern looking and flows in playing, my result on making it better: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7274409
00:25:341 (2) - is this intentionally placed at x1.0?
00:38:278 (1,2) - I'd conbinate the clickable objects into one 1/2 slider here, in my opinion it's nicer to emphasize the strong sounds by a 1/2 slider in normal difficulty. as it still requires moving on a slider, and your aim will stop once at the slider end which you can feel an emphasis by your cursor well.
00:59:091 (1,2) - prefer finishes not drum.
01:11:091 (5) - it looks a hard rhythm around here even though this is a special rhythm in the difficulty, maybe you can consider removing 01:10:903 (4) - this one as it's not REAL important object. so players will get some of free times to read the rhythm slightly.
01:22:903 (4,5) - saem^
00:24:966 (2) - maybe oppose the slider curve for better flow. or just making it straight is also good for the sound not normal.
00:29:091 (1) - avoid overlapping any objects to hp bar, or score bar in easier difficulties(I still like people to avoid it in every difficulties though.) and I'd say the flow currently isn't also best imo, I'd make it a blanket for 00:28:716 (4) - while making the flow between 00:28:716 (4) - and 00:29:091 (1) - better, maybe move the (1) up a bit while following the distance and then everything will be okay here. https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/7274463 the (1) is at x60 y76 in the screenshot.
00:31:716 (4) - put it on the slider end of 00:32:841 (2) - for the flow. the current flow is a bit forced because of the 00:32:091 (1) - slider curve here, https://puu.sh/tV4ux/7ff8cec4e4.png this is how you made the flow, which looks already odd. make sure all flows usually should be smooth in all the way in easier difficulties. 00:33:591 (3,4,1) - this is good example by one you made.
00:51:591 (3) - the reverse point should be missing normal hitsound.
00:59:091 (1,2) - maybe sampleset normal on each sliderheads, or finishes.
01:00:591 (3) - this is off-screen besides sonnyc pointed out one.
01:26:091 (3) - add a whistle on sliderbody as following your hitsounding.
01:35:091 (3) - change the slider curve to make a circular flow from 01:34:716 (2) -
there's still flow errors, someone would point it out though. ask me in game if you want me to mention everything.

Dailycare's mod request
I don't speak korean so I tried adding pictures to assist.

[Moa's Easy]
  1. 00:12:216 (4,2) - Stack?
  2. 00:18:591 (1) - Adjust so arrow points to 00:19:716 (2) http://puu.sh/tUZ0J/df8024559d.png
  3. 00:24:966 (2) - Adjust so it blankets 00:26:091 (1) http://puu.sh/tUZgG/faf4cb7d06.png
  4. 00:29:091 (1) - Adjust so arrow points to 00:30:216 (2) http://puu.sh/tUZMs/0d0a170cff.png
  5. 00:38:278 (1) - For easy, consider moving back to 00:38:091 and extending slider length. http://puu.sh/tUZva/f6057eeb46.png
  6. 01:35:091 (3) - Adjust so arrow points to 01:36:216 (4) http://puu.sh/tV06V/2978f75468.png
  7. 01:39:778 (1) - Move spinner back to 01:39:684 and extend for tryhards xD http://puu.sh/tV0et/3b61bf4043.png

  1. 00:51:216 (4,5,4,5) - Consider replacing these with 1/2 sliders. http://puu.sh/tV0FU/bb814f84a5.png
  2. 01:05:841 (7) - ^
  3. 01:17:841 (7) - ^
  4. 01:07:341 (3,4,5) - Maybe something like this? http://puu.sh/tV13d/495067e888.png
  5. 01:19:341 (3,4,5) - ^
  6. 01:38:466 (4,5) - Maybe something like this? http://puu.sh/tV1vQ/071c8cbb92.png
  7. 01:39:778 (1) - see Moa's Easy

  1. 01:36:966 (2,2) - Make these reverse sliders
  2. Teach me to map hard please ;_;

[Cellina's Lunatic ft. Dailycare]
  1. 00:18:216 (1,2,3,4,1) - Increase spacing to ~.9 and/or maybe slight curve to highlight the piano. http://puu.sh/tV2Sr/ff5612a29a.png
  2. 00:24:216 (1,2,3,4,1) - Increase spacing to maybe ~.90-1.00
  3. 00:37:341 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Consider changing to 1/2 sliders. http://puu.sh/tV3cs/34c0cede02.png I always mistime 00:38:278 (1) out of habit because of the stream.
  4. 01:15:216 (5,6,7,8,1) - NC 5 and increase spacing to ~1.00 for higher piano notes.
  5. 01:30:216 (5,6,7,8,1) - ^ but this one is less important because it's off kiai and piano is overshadowed by another instrument.
  6. 01:21:216 (1) - NC not needed (no other significant instrument in this stream). Otherwise, I recommend decreasing 01:21:216 (1,2,3,4,1) spacing to ~.70
  7. 01:27:216 (1,2,3,4,1) - MAYBE increase spacing to ~1.00 for guitar.

  1. 00:18:215 (5,6,7,8,1) - see Cellina's Lunatic ft. Dailycare
  2. 00:55:153 (3) - Maybe http://puu.sh/tV4if/188b9dfd73.png
  3. 01:14:091 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,1,2) - <3
  4. 01:15:591 (1) - Maybe http://puu.sh/tV5iw/c642a1d41e.png
Fixed all except for the suggestion Bluekrait mentioned on the hard diff. Tags will be added after updating gds
fixed all except ds increase thingy
Removed Moa's Easy. The mapper seems lazy and has no motivation.

Dailycare wrote:

Removed Moa's Easy. The mapper seems lazy and has no motivation.
I totally agre...... nvm lul
irc modding :)

good f.....luck!!
thanks for irc check xd
u need a log to prove the irc xd

00:04:341 (5,6) - the 1/2 slider can turn into a circle and the 1/6 can start at 00:04:528 - for better playability. you usually used to take the 1/6 sliders without connected slider before such as 00:13:528 (4) - hence this might work better in consistency as well.
01:05:841 (3,4,5) - the sounds are quite unclear to hear properly but I'm sure this is 1/6 due to how the another part sounds 00:03:028 - spamming 1/6 sliders too much is not really comfy so can just remove the note on blue tick 01:17:841 (3,4,5) - same goes here
01:39:684 (1) - can silence tbh apply all diffs
00:58:997 (7) - hitsound fits here especially it's a triplet in this diff
01:31:528 (4) - sadly it must be 1/6 or just cover the sound by a 1/2 slider
01:36:403 (7) - without this can make the stable 1/1s 01:36:591 (1,2) - stand out more
all fixed and changed some patterns to a jump

Revia and I lost the log, so Im just gonna prove what i'd fixed. Sorry for the prank.
01:03:591 (1) - 01:13:341 (2) - Fixed unsnapped silders
01:17:841 (4) - Made this straight
01:38:841 (3) - Adjust the blanket
Cellina's Lunatic feat. Dailycare
My map for mod: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/680195
Any metadata reference?

00:32:091 (1) - Uhh, I think this is a bit offscreen and hard to hit tbh 01:16:341 (3) - same
01:10:341 (3,4) - This placement is a bit questionable.

00:35:091 (1,2,3) - I think as to your previous pattern, this need to be "from outside to inside?"
01:04:341 (3,4) - Should be 3/4+1/2 too
01:05:841 (3,4) - According to vocal these might need to be two 1/2 sliders.
Same for the second Kiai section.
01:38:091 (1,2) - Strongly recommend to put them further. They look like 1/4 gap tbh
01:38:841 (1,2) - same

[Collab Lunatic]
00:37:903 (7,1) - Please make them further in between! It looks pretty like a 1/4 jump for now.
00:58:622 (4) - Unsnapped. No 1/4 here.

00:14:841 (1,2,1) - This antiflow plays pretty uncomfortable as 00:20:841 (1,2,1) - flows pretty nice

call me back
seems you finished the mod, so I just fixed all other than 01:04:341 (3,4) - in the Hard. I think it will be fine. And 3/4s would make the pattern a bit monotonous

And I adjusted 01:39:028 (2,3,4,5,1) - in the highest diff.
since some unrankable issues were pointed out, according to the rule I need to rebubble, you can ask previous BN for qualification!
Ooooo thanks xd
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