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A few things caught my eye, so here I am.

Bara- wrote:

[Stupid ***]
You literally censor the difficulty name in your mod post, yet, you see no problem in it being ranked, where it will be seen by thousands of players and /np'd at least a few hundreds of times. That's a bit illogical, don't you think so?

  1. I would also go for lower OD like 2 or 1.5 as the BPM is intense and beginners might have troubles hitting it. The fact that a good deal of 1/1 notes overlap doesn't make it much easier.
  2. 00:24:778 (2,3,4,5,6,1) - long 1/1 patterns like this bug me quitea lot. First of all, they are overlapped which makes it confusing for beginners and stresses them quite a lot. Second of all, they can (and probably should) be simplified, for the sake of making the difficulty more beginner-friendly. Circles like 00:26:278 (4,6) - can easily be dropped out with no harm to the original rhythm of the difficulty and the song.
    Note: same applies to circles like 00:49:078 (2) - 00:51:478 (2) - 00:53:878 (2) - 00:56:278 (2) - and so on. These definitely can be dropped out, resulting in better readablity of the patterns and easier rhythm.

[NiNo's Insane]
  1. 00:51:478 (4,1) - 00:53:878 (4,1) - I am pretty sure that there should be jumps between these beats as well. If I get your logic right, the beats I've mentioned are supposed to have jumps, just like 00:49:078 (4,1) - 00:50:428 (6,1) - these patterns do.
@Bakari : the structure i wanted here is emphasized the finisher at the second measure, which is 00:49:978 - 00:52:378 - 00:54:778 - , so yea xd
there you go, as requested, a dq~
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DeRandom Otaku
Alright ~ Deleted a few notes in easy , reduced OD to 2 and renamed Extra ~ Thanks Bakari
seriously I don't understand that diff name and then bubbled it..................

Rechecked the Easy diff

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DeRandom Otaku
Thanks Chaos <3

Bara- wrote:

Okay then!


Yay 11.212th post
you can tell somethings wrong with the map when the insane diff is more intense than the extra
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DeRandom Otaku
Thanks alot Bara and DT3 \:D/

@George ... i didnt make the insane , the GDer of Insane had different mapping style so ye .. The GD is up to the GDer anyway

George wrote:

you can tell somethings wrong with the map when the insane diff is more intense than the extra
absolutely true
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