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I decided to write this because several people asked me on how to make storyboards for their maps.
I hope this can answer most of the questions people have that are new to storyboarding.

Getting Started

Place all your storyboard elements/pictures into the song folder and create a subfolder named SB for them.
Access your map through the editor and go to the "Design" screen.
Find the correct tick on the timeline above where you want your storyboard element to appear, then click on "Sprite Library" and select your picture.
(Make sure your element doesn't surpass 800x600 px)
Now select the command of what you want your element to do (Move, Scale, Fade or Rotate) and press the "+" at Keyframe Control to place a point for the command at the current time you are on.
("-" on Keyframe Control removes the point again, and the arrows let you jump between more points in the same command for the same SB element)
Now find the timing point at which you want the command to end (at a later time ofc) so you will have 2 points for it and the corresponding color line between those points.
(Green - Move ; Red - Scale ; Pink - Fade ; Yellow - Rotate)
At the command points you can change the factors of the function by holding your left mousebutton and moving your cursor up (increasing factor) or down (decreasing factor)


At first you should duplicate your background picture, so you have one in the song folder and in the SB folder.
(If you are skilled with Photoshop you can edit the duplicated Pulse BG Element with some filters and make it look unique to fit the theme and style of your map/song)
Rename the one in the SB folder to something else so you can tell them apart when you choose it in the Sprite Library.
(This is needed because you can't SB with your background picture, there will be conflicts in your map and everything will turn black)

This needs the Scale and Fade command.
Place a command point for Scale and Fade at the same set time and at the same later time where you want the pulse to end.
At the first point your Scale factor has to exactly cover the whole playfield and at the later point it has to be larger than the playfield (how large is up to you, but dont make it too large or it will look ugly)
At the first point your Fade factor should be 100% and at the later point 0%, together with the scale it will resemble a pulsing effect.
Repeat those as much as you like for your map/song but keep an eye on "Tweening"


Tweening between points is important.
At the end of a pulse or other storyboarding you thought of and at the start of another pulse with the same SB element it should be disabled (bracket empty)
This prevents the picture from fading up to 100% again during the time it should be invisible (for pulses) and going from large scale to normal scale while going partially more visible (for Pulses)
So just go between the ending command points (for both Scale and Fade) and the next starting command points and disable Tweening for both (for Pulses)

White Flashes

Find a white.jpg in some other song folder and copy it into your SB folder.
Add it in at a time you think a white flash would work.
The white area should cover the whole playfield, so scale it up at the starting point until it does
Now you need fade at the same point, just not always 100% unless it fits (in rare occassions), try something between 60% or 70%.
Find an ending point for the flash and make Fade at that point to 0% and its done.

Fixing Storyboard parameters in the .osu/.osb file


This is a scripting line for the Fade command (resembled through the F at the start)
(M - Move ; S - Scale ; F - Fade ; R - Rotate)
The last two numbers seperated through a comma are the fading parameters 0 being 0% and 0.40 being 40%.
At the start your parameters might look a bit messy like 0,663486347623 for a white flash start or similar.
So you can just edit it to 0,65 to have a set 65% and use the same value for your other white flashes.
This way you can have a set Scaling parameter for pulses aswell.

You should also check out those guides/tutorials

m980's Tutorial and Explaination on Design Window

Doomsday's easy to understand Scripting Guide

Kecco's Loop Tutorial for Pulses (this saves a lot of work if you plan on making a lot of Pulses)

Get some neat storyboard elements and fonts from S i R i R u's Storehouse! (listed under SB Stuff and English Fonts)

Good luck!
Arigatou gozaimasu~, trying everything out now. xD
Tips For EBA, Ouendan, and Ouendan 2 Remake: With DeSmuME, view the layers and Uncheck "Sub OBJ". It'll remove the score, but it'll also the font for the Countdown (Are you ready, 3, 2, 1 GO!)
thanks for the guide! :D i hope i can make a good beatmap with the help of this guide :)
This helped me a lot, thanks Kite~
Just a question: I tried for the white flash. I found the white image in another beatmap so I used that... I open "Sprite library" at the drop of the song, then I select the white file, I add the fade and when I start the song the white image disappears:/
Thanks for the guide , Kite :)
claudio rolna
Thank You Kite~~!!!! :lol:
Nice one
May be just me but I find SBing easier by coding heh, but this is pretty useful for beginners
You could also add some images to make it easier to understand :)

(>O.O)> thx ~ for ur help i can made me some maps \(`O`)/ creative mode on ~~!
Sword Hunter
This really helps Kite, Thank you Thank you
nice work
Thankyou very much! Just started storyboarding not long ago.. even with the basic but at last i'm happy with it.
Miyako Aya
Thanks for guide! Now I started storyboarding in my own maps....
can anybody explain how i do the flashing images? i still don't get it ;(
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