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Haneii wrote:

I've cosplayed as Yoruichi (BLEACH), Karui (Naruto) and in a couple of months @AnimeNorth I'll be cosplaying Hannah Anafeloz (Kuroshitsuji).
I also have an Organization XIII coat that I wear randomly or at cosplay get-togethers. I paint 2 little upside down pink hearts under my eyes :P
pics lol
Pics please. =w=

iMuffin wrote:

pics lol

Danzai wrote:

Pics please. =w=
Had all my pics saved on my old laptop that died a couple months back (lost everything :( ).

Guess I'll just have to ... dress up again and take more pics o/.

I'll post when I get the chance/time :)
Yey =w=
Forgot to mention...I kinda cosplay in classroom situations too

I'm to lazy to post pics but I've done naruto bleach uhh and my 1st cosplay was bad it was spike spiegel the outfit was great my hair just looked lol tho
few pics from my last neb-con

dat shadetrot
dat kagamine rin
I don't cosplay, but I love taking the picture. :)
Here is some pics that taken by me. (bound)

Never did :/

I did see the whole Akatsuki members at school once XD
Planning on doing some cosplay for Anime Boston, which is 2 months away. The only definites as of yet are Tsunemi Chiba from BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad and Joshua from The World Ends With You. Part of me wants to try to pull off Akira Takizawa from Eden of the East, but that'd require making a replica Noblesse Oblige, something I simply do not have the time to do/funds to have someone else do.
I don't cosplay, but i love watching pro cosplayers <3 *points to sig*
Only noteworthy cosplay was Kamijou Touma last october and again in two weeks' time.
Planning to do Season 2 Accelerator in May too...

Not many picfags on here...

Guy-kun wrote:

Season 2 Accelerator
Season 2 Accelerator
Season 2 Accelerator

Also, needs more cosplay pictures. Surely someone besides ztrot looks good in an Akatsuki trench coat. Nice shades btw. Now if you'll excuse me, I forgot to watch the past 2 weeks' worth of Index.
Firo Prochainezo
I rarely cosplay, but when I want to I can. :/
Hm, cosplay is an expensive hobby. Furthermore, I can't think of any character that I would suit.

Mogsworth wrote:

Joshua from The World Ends With You.
I want to see this. Badly.
For Halloween next year I'll be going as Dark'll be my first cosplay plus I'll be going into school as it. Senior year is going to be fuuuuun

Jarby wrote:

Mogsworth wrote:

Joshua from The World Ends With You.
I want to see this. Badly.
I want to see this badly too. Mogsy with dat cellphone.

Anyway, I really would cosplay...if I had the money...I know I have $600 dollars but...

Cosplay characters available:
Hank from Madness(manga style)
Miles Edgeworthy(not sure)
KAITO(insufficient age)
some more...
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