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Hey there, I've been playing mania for about 3 months now, and I'm really enjoying it ;) . However, I suddenly started sucking (more than I already do) a lot since last week. I've tried starting from the basics again but it's just no use; I press the wrong keys, I can't follow patterns, I am unable to match pressing my keys with the beat, and just overall I suck. Anyone have any tips on how to get back into my original "skill" level ? Thanks in advance :)
sounds like you are tired or exhausted. Example when i came home after 8h of work i suck as well but when i play after a good food and a short nap im way better :)
try to learn how to rest and overall just keep playing if you feel like it your skill will grow
Stop playing, do something else and come back after a few days.
it won't help much if you eternally suck like me though
One of the worst things that you can have is a negative mindset while playing. Taking a break is never a bad option, it helps you to disconnect from the game. If you are pretending to do that break, when you come back don't get surprised about feeling worser at the beginning, you just need time to get used to the game again. I think that's all that I had to say.

Good luck and enjoy the game!
I used to have that trouble, but re-reading the information in this topic helped me:

After that I just adjusted the fixed BPM to a speed that prevented me from staring at the bottom so often and just kept playing.
Thanks for all the tips, guys :3. I will take a huge break and probably start playing again at Summer break :P Thank you all for helping me :lol:
Alright! Locking the thread then! :D
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