IGZ ST #1 50k-100k 18.6.-19.6. REG CLOSED

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Welcome to first part of the InfinityGamerZ Summer Tour 2016!



^Made by Sporadik^

This time around the tour is for players ranked between 50 000 and 100 000.
IGZST #1 will be played over 2 days. 18th and 19th of June.
Max players 32 48.
Map difficulty varies between 3,8->4,7. This will be for the first tournament, we will see how this fits the fairly large skillpool of players and adapt the difficulties for later tournaments.
Counts towards Summer Tour total standings -> Here
Again few ref spots available!

- Tournament will be played over 1 weekend of Groupstage and Double Elimination Knockout Stage for top players (schedule will be found on google docs)
- Mappool will consist of 7 NoMod, 3 HardRock, 3 Hidden, 3 DoubleTime, 3 FreeMod and 1 TieBreaker map totaling to 20 maps.
- Match times:
*18.6. Saturday Groupstage 12:00UTC->
*19.6. Sunday Knockoutstage 12:00UTC->
- Referee will create the room, unless if they’re still busy with their earlier match
- Room Name: IGZST[Player A – Player B]
- Room should be locked with a password
- No extra players, viewers or ghosts are allowed in the room, apart tournament referee/admin
- Respect your opponent
- Both players may choose 1 (One) Warm-up map each, MAP DOESNT HAVE TO BE PART OF THE MAPPOOL
- Maximum length of the warm-up map is 4minutes
- Players are responsible for showing up on the scheduled time
- Players must provide the Tournament Moderator with Multiplayer Link + bans (only applies if there is no referee watching the game)
- The player with higher !roll will start the ban/pick Phase
Higher roll Ban
Lower roll Ban
Higher roll Ban
Lower roll Ban
Higher roll Pick
Lower roll Pick
- Groupstage matches will be played as Bo5(First to 3 wins)
- Groupstage will be played with Korean-style (Double-elim groups)
- Second (2nd) place player from each group will play in deciders against 2 other second (2nd) place player. Deciders are Bo5
- Knockout stage will be played as Bo5. WB final/LB final/Grand Final as Bo7(First to 4 wins)
- Players are allowed to ban 2 (Two) maps
- Player is only allowed to pick 1 consecutive map from the same pool. ( no HR+HR or HD+HD, yes HR+HD or FM+HD) Doesn’t apply to NoMod maps
- In case of tie (2-2,3-3) a Tie-Breaker map will be played (Pre-Determined)
- Each map is played with their respective mods, NoMod = no mods, HR = Hardrock etc...
- For FreeMod both players must pick atleast one mod (HR/HD/FL)
- If player Disconnects during a song and the result doesn't show up in MPlink will the map be reqistered as loss. (MPLink has the final say)
- No rematches, unless if it's a double fail. The player who picked the map gets to re-pick a map
- After disconnecting player has 10mins to reconnect, if he fails to do so, will the match be marked as 0-3 loss
- Tie-Breaker will be played with LightFreeMod rules (Mods allowed, but not forced)
- Failed score does NOT count
- Tournament is open for players of 50k-100k rank, however if player goes below 50k is he/she still allowed to take part aslong as his/her rank doesnt go below 45k AT ANY POINT OF TOURNAMENT. Rank must be between 50 000 and 100 000 when registration closes
- Fail participation (Reqistrating but not showing up) will result in being banned for the rest of Summer Tour
- If a player misses their first match, will he/she be replaced with the highest seeded player from reserve list that is online at current point
- Arriving late results in following penalties
+5min Loss of warmup map
+10min DQ + Replacement from reserve list
- In case of three-way tie in decider, the decider winner will be chosen by the following
1.Decider Map W/L
2.Groupstage Map W/L
3.Higher Osu! rank

- Remember the tournament is mainly for fun
- Rank between 50 000 and 100 000
- Higher play time than 50 hours
- Reading the rules
Each player who wants to join should fill this :

Player Name:
Current Rank:
Pizza or salad?:

Registration ends 16.6. 16:00 UTC
1. Maskaredo
2. Rezzi
3. Zariel
4. iAspro
5. Asrea
6. Eloc
7. DemonLorx
8. Cyroxy
9. RealXantoo
10. ssdcgaddq
11. [Verethragna]
12. Cheshire_Cation
13. TheJimnebob
15. Akihiko-Desu
16. Dasvi
17. Burgerino Sama
18. Spikn
19. NikolasM2453
20. Moorcraft
21. PlasticMemor
22. CaMex
23. AquiOsu
24. Dracou
25. JoshJNK
26. Alpgh367
27. VolfenTV
28. ZenSuKo
29. Cobreh
30. Ardent
31. arveit
32. Gawain69
33. -Odious-
34. nija spider
35. ruffledcrab
36. Soul_Asylum_
37. CharmCaster
38. axeljr99
39. Superlad
40. Uke 17
41. quentinbattle
42. meemipappa
43. _CuteApple_
44. KaitouXFlandre
45. Icey
46. Maximillan
47. Saphir
48. Swovine

Reserve list:
Teh Wolf
Host: Tbag188
Refs: Tbag188 -Sunshine- Mark9870 Sporadik zz-e Viveliam Zekken701 smsh150 Cedohran
Upondeath StephOsu Diralman RukiMukami
Stream: Viveliam
Commentary: Viveliam Upondeath Sporadik Tbag188 Mark9870
(Old faces don't need to fill this ;))
Available times on 18./19. (In UTC):
Earlier experience:

I guess that's all for now, If you have any questions feel free to ask! 8-)
Player Name: Maskaredo
Current Rank: 77.062
Nationality: Indonesia
Pizza or salad?: Pizza

Is this how you register?
Player name: Alpgh367
Current rank: 124k (I know I'm outside the required rank, but I was wondering if I could play anyway?)
Nationality: Australian
Pizza or salad?: Pizza obviously
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