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Monstrata wrote:


00:13:136 (2,3,4,5) - This just sounds off for me if you're following vocals. ✔fixed
00:49:379 (1,2) - I would space this out more normally just cuz the spacing for 00:48:858 (1,2) - makes it seem like this could potentially be 1/4.✔fixed
00:51:806 (2,3,4,1,2) - These jumps are larger than the ones you use later like 00:54:061 (3,4,1,2,3,4) - etc... You might want to rearrange some circles since the drums kinda double after 00:53:020 - and you kinda reflect that with your hitsounding.✔fixed
01:14:870 (3,1) - I was really expecting a larger jump here after that huge jump on 01:14:176 (3,1) - .i try to make same as other same parts like 02:22:673 (2,3) - /03:19:551 (2,3) -
02:14:697 (6,1) - Larger jump here cuz you put a kiai burst here too xD.✔fixed
02:47:818 (3,4) - Too big imo. I don't see a need for such a large jump here, especially compared to the distance you use on other jumps. This jump actually makes it really hard to go into that stream, at least imo. I think you can buff places like 02:49:032 (2,3) - and 02:49:379 (4,1) - instead.✔fixed


00:27:182 (2,3,4) - I don't really like how you have a triplet so early on... Since you introduce 1/4 rhythm later in the song when its winding into the chorus. Q.Q then will too much same patterns again and again. i want to keep for 00:33:598 (1,2,3) - *6


01:02:731 (3,4,1) - Spacing here is a bit too uneven for me.✔fixed


Got metadata?
this is official links >>

Also Natsu what's your opinion on 00:13:136 (2,3,4,5) snapping here? we fixed. thanks for advice!
Anyways you can call me back when you're ready!oking > < thanks for mod!

Kibbleru wrote:

peach peach apeach

순간 나쯔로 봄
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Sonnyc wrote:

순간 나쯔로 봄
애잇 눈치채셨어.. 노린겁니다
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Aerous wrote:

쌰 쌰 쌰
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VTC wrote:

쌰 쌰 쌰
싸싸싸로봤잖아요 ㅜ!! 음.. 난 마귀.
Sorry for delay~ doublechecked the changes, and I'm fine with them. No other unrankable issues to be addressed, so heres your bubble! Good luck~
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♥ tankyuuuu


  1. Snapped some greenlines that were unsnapped.
  2. Added a couple of jumps to improve the flow and playability of the last difficulty.
  3. Fixed NCs in SHASHASHA.
  4. Added/changed some hitsounds.
12:06 Euny: natsu told me you want to mod to my map lol
12:06 Gero: yeah
12:06 Gero: could you np it?
12:06 Euny: yeah
12:07 Euny: ofc fren
12:07 *Euny is listening to [ TWICE - CHEER UP]
12:07 Gero: okay give me 20 minutes, I'm checking something right now
12:07 Euny: okay c:
12:14 Gero: okay I'm ready for it
12:14 Euny: oh great
12:15 Euny: haha
12:15 Gero: dling atm
12:15 Gero: I'm glad that I have support once again xD
12:16 Euny: i'm glad because you help me 😍
12:16 *Gero is editing [ TWICE - CHEER UP [SHASHASHA]]
12:16 Euny: 😍
12:16 Gero: okay let's do it
12:16 Euny: okay
12:17 Gero: 00:07:240 (5) - You forgot to add an new combo at here
12:17 Euny: fixed
12:17 Euny: thanks
12:17 Gero: 00:07:760 (3) - How about to use whistle at the head of this slider? it sounds way too better than without it
12:17 Gero: you should try it
12:18 Euny: oh nice suggestion accept it
12:18 Gero: 00:16:517 - I think you could add something clickable at this part, like a triple or something like that
12:19 Euny: sure
12:19 Euny: i'll make this to triple
12:19 Gero: 00:33:598 - Ayyy I just noticed that this song sounds like "reggaeton" it's a kind of genre of music here xD
12:20 Gero: hahahaha
12:20 Gero: 00:56:142 (3) - Clap?
12:20 Euny: okay fixed both LOL
12:21 Gero: 00:57:355 (2,3) - Hmmmm... this is not that bad, but could be improved just a little bit, move 3 at X:244 Y:203 to make it more consistent each others
12:21 Gero: 01:00:217 - Triple again, maybe
12:22 Gero: 01:04:119 (5) - New combo
12:22 Euny: nice fixed
12:22 Gero: 01:22:153 (1,2) - How about to stack 2 with 1?
12:22 Euny: fixed
12:23 Gero: 01:46:257 (4) - Ops, you forgot a clap here
12:23 Gero: 02:04:119 - This green line seems unsnapped, fix it at 1/4
12:23 Gero: 02:10:015 (3) - NC?
12:23 Euny: ooooooooooops
12:23 Euny: okie
12:24 Gero: 02:40:882 (3,2) - To make a nice pattern, what do you think to stack 2 in 3?
12:24 Euny: thanks
12:25 Euny: i'll put 2 on 3's tail
12:25 Gero: 02:59:957 (2) - Whistle at the head of the slider, due the sound at the background music
12:25 Euny: added
12:25 Gero: okay that's all, you can update it and poke me when you're ready <3
12:25 Euny: okie!! thanks gero
12:26 Euny: 😍
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~ Qualified ~
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muchas gracias !!
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should i thanks for bully? LOL
P o M u T a
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it become change to change weird words lol
Excelent map!
하트 축하드려요 샤샤샤
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