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Feature requests for the new site are placed inside the osu!web repository.
You need a GitHub account to make an issue.
  • Feature Request Guidelines
    In order to keep the subforum as clean as possible, we have updated the guidelines.
    These are simply shortened to avoid your minds go tl;dr
    Please read them before making requests. Failure to do so, we might have to mark them invalid.

  1. Make sure that your requests are osu! related.
    It doesn't make sense to post a Stepmania request on the osu! forums.

  2. Do not request beatmaps!
    Making beatmaps is not an easy task because it takes a lot of time and effort.

  3. Use the search system.
    Look for your request if it has been already requested or marked as invalid/duplicate by using the search system.

  4. Do not post rejected requests unless you have a valid reason.
    You have to make your request detailed as to why it shouldn't have been rejected.

  5. Make your request more descriptive by using a correct title!
    Set your thread subject as the summary of your request, not like "My Request" or "Please add this"
    Explain your request in detail so others will know what is the point of it.

  6. One request per thread!
    We don't want your good ideas getting marked as invalid along with the invalid/denied ones.

  7. Your request should be for the benefit of all players, not only for yourself.
    Asking for a feature that only a few will use won't be noticed as one that everyone has been wanting since 2009.

  8. Do not shoot stars to a request immediately.
    We can't get your stars back if we have to merge it or it was a duplicate.

  9. Do not request ports.
    We need people to make them, contact peppy ( ) if you're willing to make one.

  10. Do not request a toggle for a new feature.
    peppy might come to your house with a baseball bat...
  • Notes about bumping/replying in a request

  1. Do not bump threads with meaningless replies
    You should reply with a constructive content for a better contribution to a request.
    This is better than seeing these old threads getting bumped to the first page with meaningless responses such as "I support this!" or "bump!"

  2. Be more descriptive with your replies!
    Everyone should know why you are supporting it or not.

  3. Keeping your thread at the first page is not important.
    Keeping threads at the first page will not guarantee that peppy will read it.

  4. The thread has zero replies for months and/or it is moved to the second page.
    If your request happens to be like this, then you may bump it.

  5. Getting more people to post.
    It can be descriptive but getting all of your friends or other people to post in your thread will not make it any more likely to be added.
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