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First time mapper here, and already I've run into too many problems to count :D
I have been able to solve most of them on my own, but there is one thing in particular that leaves me clueless as to what I'm doing wrong~
So, I added a background image to my beatmap - simple enough, right? Just click "Insert Background" and choose an image (1024x768 *.jpg, so the format is not an issue here).
Well, when playing the map using the "Test" function of the Edit mode, everything looks neat. When playing the map in the actual "Play" mode, however, the background image only appears for a split second in the very beginning of the map (or rather, a version of the bg image that is slightly zoomed in on) and disappears instantly afterwards. From there on out, the rest of the map is played on a completely black playfield.
When I rewind the song completely (00:00:000) in Edit mode, it also shows the zoomed-in-on version of the bg, any point of time after that has the image with correct proportions.
Also, when looking at the "Design" tab at 00:00:000, it seems that the enlarged version of the bg image is set to appear in the foreground (why?) - at least I can move it around freely an it says "Foreground" when doing so...
I tried deleting this foreground-version of my bg image, but whenever I reload the map it just reappears automatically. I also tried deleting it from the song folder and re-importing it using the "Import Background" command, but this also adds this foreground-version on its own.
I suppose it has something to do with storyboarding, but I can't recall ever clicking anything besides "Insert Background" in the Design tab...
I'm mighty confused right now~
Thanks in advance!

Screenshots for illustration:
When looking at it in the editor, it looks fine for any point in time that is not 00:00:000

When the time is 00:00:000 this happens

This is what it looks like in the Design tab at 00:00:000; I can move around a foreground-version of the bg image

Gameplay using the "Test" function - everything looks neat

Gameplay in Play mode; Immediately after the map loads, this can be seen for only a split second

Gameplay in Play mode
You must of accidentally clicked something in the design tab to make your background disappear when you were there (or dragged it off or something)

Go in your folder and delete the osb file that is there (it should have some sort of code in it) and press f5 outside of the map. That should solve everything
Thanks, that did the trick =)
hell yeah thanks it worked

(yes i'm aware that this is a 7 year old post)
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