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3D printing osu! logo

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I have a 3D printer and i would love to print out osu! logo but i don't have the model for it and i'm not good with editing programs to make one or i can't find one from internet, so if you anyone would be willing to make me one or find me ready one, i would be glad. Thank you for your time and i hope you have a nice day!

Peaaaace <3


deadbeat wrote:

General Discussion is for non-osu! related topics.
Try 103
I'm not sure if he's still around or if he even has a clean osu! cookie model, but I'd probably try asking RBRat3.
No im still around I just have a pleb job that occupies most of my time. Only cookie that I have that could possibly be printed is the one I have with a curved face. I assume this has to be a closed object to be printed?
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