What is the worst gaming community (in your opinion)?

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I've played only "TF2", "Osu!" and "100%OJ"...
(Wait, there's also "Dragon Saga", "Spiral Knights" and "CS", but they can't even count, since I'm "interrupting" on those.)

"TF2", hands down '-'
(Take it whatever way you want, I just wanted to lay down some frustration from Sunday...
Them rude Spies. Yet some people dare say they need to be boosted.)
I know it’s a really lesser known game, but growtopia has been real s*** for the last few years. Honestly people only farm nowadays, no more social interaction like the old days. And plus, the interactions now are toxic, like people get angry and start a fight over some small things. It has honestly become one of the worse communities I’ve seen.
CS:GO and LoL are hella toxic.
also fortnite.
i guess cs:go
Shooter games like CoD and games like GTA. A lot of trash talking 12 year olds.

masterofadam wrote:

Shooter games like CoD and games like GTA. A lot of trash talking 12 year olds.

Carmlillball wrote:

A bit of a long post, but I feel that this opinion is extremely controversial and requires a full explanation.

I used to be a huge fan of Roblox, and it wasn't until I quit when I've realised how bad the community is. I was largely a victim of the toxicity, but I guess I didn't mind too much, because toxicity is normal on Roblox, and I thought that all online communities suffered with this, as Roblox was the only game I played much of at the time, and gamers have a terrible reputation.

People will throw tantrums and give threats if you simply have a different opinion to them. For example, I never believed that Boho Salon (a group on Roblox which is massively hated) uses bots to boost their popularity, but everyone else claims that the group does. I tend to not trust large claims, and I don't jump on bandwagons just to be 'cool'. There was this forum post saying that Boho Salon needs to be removed from Roblox for using bots and therefore breaking the Roblox rules. I didn't like the group, but this was for a different reason - One of the HRs faked the group being hacked and made people go onto another group which was 'a replacement for Boho Salon'. I politely asked for proof of the group using bots, because I didn't understand why everyone thought this, and just got tons of threats and one reply I remember clearly being sent towards me is that I need to be in a mental assylum. Simply for saying 'I'm not sure of how legit this claim is, can someone please give me some proof of this? I'm also pretty sure that Roblox would need proof. They wouldn't want to ban a group which turned out to be innocent.' Yeah, making people think does cause a lot of heat. I'm glad that the Roblox forums are banned. There were some nice people, and I've had some nice conversations and even met friends, but much of the forums were sour.
Sometimes people just argue out of the blue because they're frustrated from losing on a game. People are always calling others names for beating them. I've never experienced this much, as I was never a pro player, but sometimes, seeing the chat is dreadful, and I usually minimised the chat box while playing competitive games. The worst is when there are people playing in a group of friends and beating one of these friends in the game makes the entire group bully you relentlessly, similar to when you hit a wolf on Minecraft.
People with Robux (the currency used on Roblox) act as though they're much better than people without, and vice versa. I used no gamepass on a game, I've been bullied for being poor. I used a gamepass on a game, I've been bullied for being a noob who needs to use gamepasses to be good. That usually wasn't the case, and I've proved it by not using the gamepass (sometimes using it is optional, such as in Prison Life), and I get called a hacker, or I get claims of me having 'no life'.
Talking about hackers and exploiters, Roblox used to be stuffed with them. I haven't seen them much towards the end of me playing the game, though. I'm not one of those people who claim that everyone is a hacker, for beating me on a game, but I've often been on radio simulator games and found some rather crude things, such as Nazi imagery, swears, etc. Things not suited for children. I'm personally not bothered by them, but things like this give Roblox a bad name, and cause parents to type bad reviews on the game for not being child friendly. This hurts Roblox.
I've come across many people who have thought, and perhaps still do think, that swearing on Roblox is cool. Roblox has a tough censorship system, which used to not even allow users to type numbers. So, beating this system was always seen as cool. These people just make the censorship system more broken, as Roblox needs to censor more! Once, I met a French player on Roblox, and I couldn't even type 'Comment ça va?' ('How are you?') to them! I dread to think of how strict and broken the Roblox censorship system will be in the future!
Kindness and simple respect feels much stronger. People simply greeting each other and being polite never fails to really warm my heart. I've always felt over joyed when I find a server which hasn't been exploited, and when someone is acting towards me in a non-hostile way, and didn't care that my name was 'furry'. I've had a great friend and felt on top of the world when they were by my side. If you play Roblox, even if the community has become much better since I've left, I still have this advice for you. When you see a diamond, take it, and treasure it forever.
don't even get me started on the games where kids pretend to be in a gang
From my experience I'd have to say League of Legends, most times you'll see players flaming each other and trolling.
Feelin Good
Rocket league and its not even close, people tilt incredibly fast and start throwing a tantrum. If you ever make any sort of mistake that results in your team being scored you're going to be flamed.
Definitely not fortnight

Lacrimae wrote:

self-explanatory title.

imo league and smite have the shittiest communities based on my experience

country-wise, it would be the PH community
Its a tie between Geometry dash and FNAF
uno assassin

Akemi-kun wrote:

the undertale community is still cancerous af
Rainbow Six Siege lol
Worst game communities for me probably are Rainbow Six Siege, most battle royales, and rocket league
League of Legends.
Overwatch, league, r6s, h1z1, cod, and cs:go (not in order)
I'd have to say League of Legends, since every game it seems like there is always that one person who is toxic and wants to ruin the game for you. I never understand those kind of people like why do they even play league in the first place it's a team game for a reason. The second one I'd say fortnite.
For me it is the tmuf 2019 community it is now ppl wanting to be as toxic as WHAT IS GOING ON NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?
CSGO imo
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