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This is my first thread so sorry if it's not done right


This is a skin inspired by the northern lights , basically started as a customization for myself so it may not be 100% themed , special thanks to Redon's amazing skin Aesthetic which i used as template.




There is a photoshop file in the scoreboard folder so you can put your name and picture in the scoreboard-bg , there is also the font i used(sorry for bad english)
Don't release mix skins on the forum.
Adding graphics to already exsting stuff don't make them automatically original.
Hitcircle from rrtyui's skin.
Ranking letters from Raidexx's Hanami skin.
Small ranking letters from r-Beatz's Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica v1.0 skin.
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well yes but i never said it was 100% original , or should i only post completely original skins? then i'm sorry , i didn't even knew the things you mentioned were from those skins.
A template is not there to slap graphics on it but rather to use as a base for your forms to align stuff and getting the sizes right.
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Well then i'm sorry , as i said this was my first thread , how do i delete this? i'll try to make a full original version in apologies to the forum.
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