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Type: Signature

Request to: Pantsu

Image Link:

Size: Ok the Quality of the Video sucks I know; but just make sure that it fits to the signature properly :D

Text: I dont Need a text,but You can put a subliminal text inside the gif if you really want to :P

Animated: I just want a Little gif from that Video :D (2-3 seconds long gif I guess)

Border: IDK how it would look like with or withoút border so it is up to your creativity!

Extra Information: Make sure that I would stare at it all day.Jk; Just try what you can and if you cant manage to do it; its ok I will request something else later on!
Hello :3
Type: Avatar
Request to: Pantsu
Text: Riki
Size: 128x128
Border: Rectangular
Edge: to lines
Thank you ;)
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p a n t s u

tornado wrote:

Um im going to be honest but i have no idea how to rip images from a youtube video. Do you have a actual image link ?
Request to : Pantsu
Text : : Kivala
Border : -
Border Type : -
Size : 128x128
Image Link : ... adbyuw.png
Extra : Please make it look cute + font

Thaxxx ^^"
Request to : Pantsu
Text : : Kaisu
Border : yes
Border Type : rounded
Size : 128x128
Image Link : ... 1019075020

Thank You if your doing it :D

request to : pantsu
type : banner
image : dark or bright (I don't want the "rooms" or whatever but only the background if you know what I mean), choose the one you prefer :d (if the image quality is too low you can probably get a better one if you want since it's in the anime "The Tatami Galaxy"'s ending, yea I suck at searching images pls don't kill me)
gfx resolution : 640x200 (or maybe a bit more than 200, up to you)
text : Shyo's Modding Queue
border : no
extra : For the font try to use something similar to this (yea I know it's a japanese font or whatever but maybe you can find/make something similar) or you can find the dark version here (before the credits with a really big font) also try to make it really simple and clean (a bit like here you know but not vertically since my text isn't japanese lol)

Thank you! Feel free to PM for questions or whatever since it's a difficult/weird request lol
Wei Wuxian
[-Stella ]

request to : pantsu
type : banner
image :
gfx resolution : 620x236 (this is mainly up to you whatever you think looks best, near this should be fine)
text : Stella's Space
border : no
border type :
extra : animated / blinking text would be cool ^_^

thanks in advance!
request to : saonline
type : wallpaper
image : ,
gfx resolution : 1366 x 768
text : Sup4h
border : no
border type : none
extra : For the second picture, I just want to the girl on the right to be somehow incorporated into the first one. The colors of the first picture can change. I'd also like it if the text was subtle. Thank you in advance! <3
REQUEST TO : pantsu
TYPE : banner
SIZE : 617x185
TEXT : "Welcome to my userpage" and "Player osu!mania"(without quotes). If its possible can you put my username somewhere on the image?
BORDER : normal
EXTRA : I want to have the a motion effect on the image
Hello again! :D

Request to: pantsu
Type: avatar
Image: ... 823822.jpg
Size: 128x128
Text: Yui-chan
Border: Square
Extra: Nothing :3

Thanks :3
hey there o/

request to : pantsu
type : avatar
image : ... 229c80.jpg
gfx resolution : 128x128
text : Gian
border : No
extra : idk,make it transparent if possible D:
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p a n t s u

Bigonline wrote:

I would love to do your request but uh your picture link isn't working. :?
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p a n t s u

more coming soon ~ (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
Great work, thanks a lot!
I'll make sure to credit your thread as always ;)
request to : saonline ^^
type : avatar
image : ... er1200.jpg
gfx resolution : avatar size
text : Ryuuhei
border : Yes
border type : rounded
extra : Nothing special, do your best and good luck :)
Hi ^w^

Request to : Pantsu
Type : Avatar
Image :
gfx resolutions : 160x160 and 128x128
Text : ぐいよむ
Border : Yes
Border Type : Normal
Extra : Be creative !

Thanks you very much °^°/

p a n t s u wrote:

more coming soon ~ (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
Thanks very much! is pretty good!! *w*
Request: Pantsu
Type: Banner/Userpage
GFX Resolution: 600x210
Text: Toony´s Userpage
Border: Rounded
Extras: Make it Awesome :P or do whatever you want :D
Solid Snacks
Request to : Pantsu
Type : Banner
Images : or
Resolution : 600x210
Text : Solid´s Userpage
Border : Yes
Border type : Rounded
Extra : You can do whatever you want! surprise me.
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