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Lone Survivor Death Battle CTB Tournament 2016

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He Ang CTB
Hello CTB community here's another Tournament for you!

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Match Rules:
1. There will be 5 Rooms in each of Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals.
2. There will be 15 players per Room in Round of 16, 10 players per Room in Quarter Finals, 5 players per Room in Semi Finals.
3. Last 5 players of each Room will be eliminated in both Round of 16 and Quarter Finals.
4. For Semi-Finals, only last 4 players per Room will be eliminated.
5. There will be 1 Room of all 5 remaining finalists in the Finals.
6. Before every Round the remaining players will be randomly shuffled into a Room.
7. Each Round will be held over a single weekend.
8. Map Selectors may not play.
9. There is no teaming up.
Pictorial illustration:

Score Calculation:
1. 1st place player in score gets 30 points, 2nd gets 28, 3rd gets 26, so on.
2. Failed players only get half as much point as if they had passed.
3. Total score of each player will be added up from the 10 maps played.
4. If there is a tie on a map, the players will receive same score. (E.g. if 1st 2nd & 3rd place tie, all will receive 30 points, 4th place player will receive 24 points as per normal).
5. In case of tie of total score between the 10th and the 11th place, Tiebreaker will be played, loser gets disqualified.
6. If player did not turn up he/she will score 0, thus is instantly disqualified.

Maps and Mods:
1. Every player has to equip the mod Sudden Death (SD), on top of any other mods allowed.

2. There are these maps each Round:
1 PreSelected (any mods or no mods) AKA: PS
6 NoMod (cannot use mods) AKA: NM
3 Hidden (cannot use any other mods) AKA: HD
3 HardRock (cannot use any other mods except Hidden) AKA: HR
3 DoubleTime (cannot use any other mods except Hidden) AKA: DT
1 FlashLight (cannot use any other mods) AKA: FL
3 FreeMod (any mods or no mods, top 5 must use at least 1 mod) AKA: FM
3 SightRead (any mods or no mods) AKA: SR
1 TieBreak (any mods or no mods) AKA: TB

3. There is no ban.
4. 11 maps will be played each Round not counting TieBreaker. The PreSelected map will announced by me 1 week before the macth, it'll always be played first, followed by 10 picks by players.
5. Last 5 placed players will roll to select the map of their choice.
6. You are allowed to use any mod combination on PreSelected, FreeMod, SightRead, and TieBreaker, except EZ, NF, RX, HT/DT, HD+FL.
7. For FreeMods, the top 5 scoring players in the room must use at least 1 mod, the rest can use any amounts of mods including none.
8. Once a SightRead map has been chosen, it must be played. For other maps not including TieBreaker, you are allowed to make one change to your selected map if you regretted your initial choice.
9. For the sake of fairness and thrill, do not spread words about what the SightRead maps are. Discovery of such actions will result in disqualification.

Management (the more the better):
1. 3 Tournament Managers. (can play)
2. 5 map selectors. (cannot play)
3. 10 referees. (can play)
4. 5 streamers. (can play)
5. 10 commentators. (can play)
6. 75 players.
7. You can hold more than one position.

1. To sign up just PM me or any Tournament Managers through any means.
2. The tournament will only begin when the Management section is completed.

Prize Pool:
1st place: 4 months supporter
2nd place: 2 months supporter
3rd place: 1 month supporter

2。第一轮: 5个房间, 每个房间15个玩家。最后5名选手淘汰。
3。第二轮5个房间每个房间剩下10个人, 同样每个房间最后5名淘汰。
6。每名选手必须附加 Sudden Death 无论玩什么图, Fail的人只获得原有一半的分数。
8。必玩图是第一张图, 算分。
9。每个房间只有最后5名选手有选图权, 用roll决定。
10。除了必玩图和TieBreak(加赛图)之外, 玩家将选玩总共10张图。
11。玩了10张图之后各位选手总分统计, 如果第十名和第十一名有同样分数, 两位选手要玩 TieBreaker (加时赛), 败着淘汰。

1 个必玩图 (可使用任何mod或者不使用) 简称:PreSelected / PS
6 NoMod (不可使用任何其它mod) 简称:NM
3 Hidden (不可使用任何其它mod) 简称:HD
3 DoubleTime (不可使用任何其它mod除了HD) 简称:DT
3 HardRock (不可使用任何其它mod除了HD) 简称:HR
1 FlashLight (不可使用任何其它mod) 简称:FL
3 FreeMod (可使用任何mod或者不使用,但前五名必须使用至少一个mod) 简称:FM
3 未揭晓图 (可使用任何mod或者不使用) 简称:SightRead / SR
1 加时赛图 (可使用任何mod或者不使用) 简称:TieBreak / TB

15。没有参赛资格, Rank低到不能再低的, 开一万个小号的, 杀人放火的, 都可参加。但参赛选手数量限制为75名。
17。如果对比赛选手不感兴趣的话, 还可以申请为比赛助手。
1) 比赛总管理员
2) 选图专家
3) 裁判
4) 录影师
5) 录影主持人
18。有兴趣的话也可以申请为比赛助手, 除了选图专家之外, 所以助手都可以参赛。
助手也可以多项同行, 比如玩家 XXX 可以又是录影师又是裁判又是玩家。
19。如果想报名可以用任何方式通知我 (不要上门找我就好 D:)


Tournament Managers:
He Ang Erika

Map Selectors:
He Ang Erika




Registered Players (COMPLETED & CLOSED):
1. - Magic Bomb - UTC+1
2. -Kurisu- UTC-4 to -10
3. paolostyle UTC+1
4. VagaNNN UTC+3
5. Kustzlov UTC+8
6. Noire- UTC+8
7. Megpoid UTC+8
8. - TemPuRa - UTC+8
9. Alice Cartelet UTC+13
10. GuiltyCrowm UTC+8
11. 473147315371 UTC+8
12. GRass_MooD UTC+8
13. forgottentaco UTC+2
14. Yukiteru Amano UTC+1
15. dika312 UTC+7
16. Negri_sk UTC+1
17. Galaxi UTC+7
18. lineqtxz UTC-3
19. [Nico] UTC-3
20. bluenumber2 UTC+0
21. Santii UTC+1
22. Equim UTC+8
23. Megl UTC+2 to +12
24. Hanik UTC-2 to -4
25. Shurelia UTC+7
26. Colin UTC-4 to -10
27. [ K a e d e ] UTC-3 to -5
28. Quit User UTC-3
29. Litooo UTC-3 to -5
30. - [L y r a] - UTC-3
31. Yoshi_green UTC-3 to -8
32. LechuCzechu UTC+2
33. Vinci007 UTC+2
34. KawaiiNeko UTC-4 to -10
35. [-FlyingCat-] UTC-5
36. NetRuSH UTC+8
37. The hunterx UTC-3
38. Da Vinci UTC-3
39. chickenbible UTC-4 to -10
40. [-ZeRo-] UTC+1
41. Molqus UTC+9
42. Sains Class UTC+8
43. iRevi UTC+2
44. Wermii UTC+1
45. [Endo] UTC-3
46. floflim UTC+1 to +2
47. bloodysun1 UTC+2
48. insaneplayer UTC+8
49. nacho-s-m UTC-3
50. KenKensK UTC+1
51. Feel free to UTC+1 to +2
52. MizzoKing- UTC+7
53. amay173 UTC+9
54. [Maid] NekoRyo UTC+8
55. Jafett UTC-5
56. Tulip UTC-4 to -10
57. Minalinsky- UTC+7
58. Cawub UTC-3 to -8
59. sweetbravery UTC+7
60. moneyisaac UTC-3 to -8
61. CharmCaster UTC+8
62. TheFlameWind UTC-4 to -10
63. AnimainiacUTC+1
64. Tokufi UTC-7
65. KaguyaHouraisan UTC+2
66. Kiwi-P UTC+2
67. Crystallize UTC+2
68. Tsuda Yoshikazu UTC+8
69. Grayswandir UTC+5 to +7
70. Jusenkyo UTC-5
71. geraldwch UTC+8
72. breathless UTC-3
73. Ddraigon- UTC+7
74. M a s t e r UTC-3
75. Michael Jordan UTC-3
76. lechuguin UTC-3

Referee instructions (players please read as well):

1. 20 minutes before the match starts, referees are to create the match room.
2. The name of the match room with be "SD Room (x)" x representing a number from 1 to 5 which ever room that is.
3. The referee must have the MP LINK.
4. The setting of the room will be Score_V1, Head to Head, FreeMod.
5. An invite must be sent to every participating player latest by 10 minutes before the match starts.
6. If not all players show up, the match can only be delayed by 15 minutes maximum. Once the match starts the players who are not in will be disqualified.
7. The referee is to NEVER pass the host to anyone else, all map selection and toggle of settings will be done by the referee ONLY.
8. The players will be arranged in rank order, the player with most pp take first slot and so on.
9. The referee can choose to do a maximum of 2 warm-up maps if the players agree.
10. The first map will be the PreSelected pick, it'll be FreeMod.
11. After each map, the referee must CALCULATE and RECORD:
> The placing of each player for that map .
> The points awarded to each player for that map.
> The total point each player has.
> The eventual placing of each player.
> Please be very clear about the scoring system.
12. The referee is to then swap players from best total score being in 1st slot to worst total score in last slot.
13. The bottom 5 will !roll and the winner will get to choose the next map.
14. Please be very clear about rules on mods and select them accordingly.
15. 10 maps will be chosen by the players, not including the PreSelected and possible TieBreak.
16. No map is to be chosen twice through any means.
17. In case of a tie in TieBreak, the players will be required to equip at least one mod and retry the TieBreak until a winner can be decided.
18. When the players ask to choose a SightRead map you should:
> Remind the player that once a SightRead is chosen it must be played.
> Ask the player to state a number from 1 to 3.
> The corresponding map will be chosen.
> SightRead maps are unrestricted FreeMod. Any player can choose any amount of mods or none at all. Remember that HD+FL combination, EZ, DT, HT, NF, RX, are banned mods across the board in all FreeMod situations.
19. Final reminder that all players and referees are to understand all rules and systems completely before attending the match. Any questions or objections regarding such matters will be sent to me.
20. The referee has to right to declare disqualification to unruly players.
21. The referee bears all responsibility over:
> hosting of the match,
> calculation and recording of the scores,
> any in-game situations.
22. Any match held without the presence of a referee, a streamer, or a tournament management, will not be counted.
23. Any match where rules are not followed, will not be counted.
24. Any match where recording of scores is incorrect or missing, will not be counted.
25. Re-playing of the same map can only happen when referee made a mistake that affects the result of that map.
26. In case of long-term Bancho instability the match will be delayed and re-announced afterwards by me. Otherwise the match will resume or restart 1 hour later depending on the judgement of the referee on ground.
27. Referees will announce the players who get disqualified after the entire match is over and all scores and completely calculated recorded and sorted out.
28. 10 players will advance for Stage 1, 5 players for Stage 2, 1 for Stage 3, and Stage 4 decides 1st 2nd 3rd place. The remaining number of players in each stage will be disqualified.
29. Referees are to report the complete and detailed results of any match to any of the tournament managers (best would be me) as soon as possible.

It's long but please absorb every word of it :O I'll be at the matches as long as it is possible and I'll get the streamers and tournament managers to help out with refereeing as much as possible. By the way the referees can play along as well just don't count your scores LOL. Thanks for helping out an see you this week end!! o/

Stage 1 (Round of 15) Map Pool:
Stage 1 (Round of 15) Map Pack:
Stage 1 (Round of 15) Results:

Stage 2 (Round of 10) Players:

Top 5 Stage 1 (Round of 15) Players:
1. Molqus ---> 226
2. M a s t e r ---> 210
3. dika312 ---> Lost
4. geraldwch ---> 204
5. [-FlyingCat-] ---> 202

Stage 2 (Round of 10) Map Pool:
Stage 2 (Round of 10) Map Pack:
Stage 2 (Round of 10) Results:

Stage 3 (Semi-Finals) Players:

Top 5 Stage 2 (Round of 10) Players:
1. geraldwch ---> 236 [RECORD HIGHEST]
2. Kiwi-P ---> 219
3. Molqus ---> 210
4. dika312 ---> 187
5. Galaxi ---> 184

Stage 3 (Semi-Finals) Map Pool:
Stage 3 (Semi-Finals) Map Pack:
Stage 3 (Semi-Finals) Results:

The players who have advanced to the Finals are:
1. forgottentaco
2. Galaxi
3. -Ken
4. chickenbible
5. geraldwch

Top 5 players for Stage 3:
1. geraldwch ---> 187
2. forgottentaco ---> 184
3. -Ken ---> 177
4. chickenbible ---> 170
5. dika312 ---> 169

Stage 4 (Finals) Map Pool:

Stage 4 (Finals) Results:

Here are the winner:
1. geraldwch ---> 181 (4 months supporter)
2. chickenbible ---> 163 (2 months supporter)
3. Galaxi ---> 142 (1 month supporter)
4. forgottentaco ---> 140
5. -Ken ---> 134

Good luck!
o: nice

Can I be one of the map selector (too tired to play)

He Ang Erika wrote:

2. There will be 15 players per Room in Round of 16, 10
players per Room in Quarter Finals, 5 players per Room in
Semi Finals.
can't we just call it round 1, and so on? the participants on round 16 isn't even 16

i want to be the map selector
Topic Starter
He Ang CTB

Constantine wrote:

He Ang Erika wrote:

2. There will be 15 players per Room in Round of 16, 10
players per Room in Quarter Finals, 5 players per Room in
Semi Finals.
can't we just call it round 1, and so on? the participants on round 16 isn't even 16

i want to be the map selector
Looool Round 1 to Quarter Finals sounds awkward, I'm sticking with RO16 though.
希望有時間能參加 :?
- TemPuRa -
推推推 :D
Topic Starter
He Ang CTB

Nagato wrote:

参加参加? :3
坐等大觸表演 :oops:

He Ang Erika wrote:

Nagato wrote:

参加参加? :3
考虑当一下staff ;)
So many pros ;w;

Luckily I didn't join :^)
Topic Starter
He Ang CTB

alienflybot wrote:

So many pros ;w;

Luckily I didn't join :^)
I demand you join!! D:<

pleeeeaaaase ;~;
Yukiteru Amano
Can I Join ;w;?
Commentator/Streamer/Map-selector? :):D
Topic Starter
He Ang CTB

Yukiteru Amano wrote:

Can I Join ;w;?

Setomi wrote:

Commentator/Streamer/Map-selector? :):D
Wow ex-world#3 player and current world#1 commentator fresh from Sweden! XD

Seto no telling or favouring Yuki about the map pool okayyyy ;~; Chinese proverb: There is no such thing as friends or family on the battlefield! >:D
I'll join aswell if there's spots left!
wow, interesting :D
sadly my computer was broken last week -_-"
and hope can be fixed this week

but. ok I'm Join xD
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