KanColle - Murakumo Skin [SD/HD] [STD only]

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Downloads from puush:
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Mod Icons:


Pause Screen:

Section Pass:

Standard Gameplay:


Welcome to the "pre-release" of Comfort, my sixth skin.

This is a skin about Murakumo (叢雲) from KanColle (艦これ) and my first skin to feature art and renders.
I kinda had to make my own since RainAid took a break from his KanColle character skin series.
Also this skin is skinned for Standard gameplay only.

I tried to use no drop shadows (except mod icons where I used full trap to create a shifted border), no gradients (no color shifting ones), and no full white (95% brightness). Due to this design choice full background dim is recommended.

I took some design choices that may look similar to other existing stuff but they fit in general with the theme so no full credits except on my recreations (in question are hitcircle and slider). Also the approachcircle has a low transparent filling which is intended, so don't mark it as a mistake.

I suck at rendering so I mainly used cut masks on forms or simple images to render.
Renders were found on Danbooru and credits go to their respective artists.

Hitsounds are from Redon's Aesthetic HD Skin, which I previously used in two of my skins.
Voice clips are taken from Murakumo's article on the KanColle Wiki.

Fonts used: Comfortaa, ChocD

Click this image to get to the full release of Comfort, skinned for all 4 game modes:

Have fun playing with this skin.
Awesome skins <3
The IG elements are sooooo clean.
Good job. ♥
Screw Zekamashi and Poi, Murakumo is best DD.

I don't often see chocD being used as the font of choice for a skin very often though
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crystalsuicune wrote:

Screw Zekamashi and Poi, Murakumo is best DD.

I don't often see chocD being used as the font of choice for a skin very often though
ChocD font choice is because ranking letters were created for themselves to fit into any skin at first. I saw them fitting better with a handwritten font instead of a sans serif font. It could have been any other kind of handwritten font but this was the one that stuck first to my eyes. To fit the ranking letters into the skin I clearly divided numbers and text into two fonts on the ranking screen. As a result I had to use it for pause buttons and menu-back.png aswell as their sets. play-unranked.png kinda just slipped into it.
If I weren't using any pictures and renders I would have sticked to using Comfortaa for everything (and will do if people want a proper minimal version of the skin).
Hisoka Yuuji
I loved it :) good job
Very good skin!! Can you make the version of the skin without renders??
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