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First of all, welcome to all the people who have arrived from Joystiq - and thanks to Joystiq for featuring osu!. I've been so busy with coding and web stuff that I haven't got around to updating the frontpage since... well lets say a while. With the newest release comes a whole heap of goodness which you can read more about in the changelog if you are interested.

I have spent a fair amount of time recently working on the site itself - making it as user-friendly as possible. You should find the new Beatmap Listing page to be very useful in finding beatmaps that suit you. It can now be sorted by many fields and will soon be searchable. The about and FAQ pages also feature new content - check it out!

Ok, I am hesitant to put a timeframe on these coming soon features, but if you have been around here a while, you will trust in it not being far off!

Features that you will see in the near future:
  1. New song selection screen allowing sorting, favourites and multiple levels of directories for more organisation. The list is getting so big we need this kind of functionality - you requested, I provide. Hopefully by Sunday.
  2. Storyboarding. Its coming, I promise. There's a lot to be done in this area, but once I make a start on it, things should pick up bit-by-bit.
  3. Song Packaging Integration. I kind've want to put this at a higher priority than storyboarding, but we'll see how things go. This will allow uploading your beatmap creations from in-game, with full forum and ranking approval integration. It should make things just a bit more streamlined.

I sincerely hope we get some more regular players and mappers coming in so we can build this community into something to be proud of :D.
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