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Best comedy anime???
I am in need of some more comedy animes.
Yet i havent really found anything.

If some of you could suggest me some things.
First of all i loved the comedy in.
Sakurasou no pet and devil is a part timer.
Would love to see some recommendations which come close to those.

Plz for the love of zeus, dont mention gintama
Baka & Test: kinda harem-ish comedy depending on who you ask but the running jokes stick with you long after. Haven't seen an episode in 2 years and I still laugh just thinking about some of the things I saw.
Ben-to: The absudity of the premise alone is enough to give it a watch.
Prison School: This series has been my hands down my favorite manga for years now and the anime just ended in the summer. I HIGHLY recommend you see this one. But keep in mind not to take anything seriously while watching it.

If these aren't enough for you or don't fit your taste fell free to ask for more recommendation as i've seen quite a few comedy anime myself. :D
Sakurasou is a comedy? Lol
I like the Proboscis Monkey; that's a pretty funny looking animal.
Thank you guys..
Sakurasao wasn't really an comedy but, it had some moments where i almost cried laughing
Next time post in the correct thread if want serious recommendations
t/90118 beep beep
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