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Fina's gfx thread - ♡ -

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hope you like it !♥

omfg so sorry ;;

click here and here!
I hope it's cute enough for you =w=

here you are! ~ hope you like it !

click here and here ~ hope you like it!

click here! ~ hope you like it!
@MinervaMn - so cuuute !♥
@N3r0t - hanw cuuuute thank you♥
@-Taku - ♥
@Lina Sintyadewi - huhu :33
hi first request here

Kind of avatar : Collab
- Image : heree!
- Text : Red: Dean White: Achmad Black: Rival Yellow: Sonay
- Border type : Rounded
- Size : Default (128x128)
- Extras : nah if can make that to for banner :)

thanks before :)

Edit: White change text sorry :(
Choke Master
Thanks a lot again Fina, it's better than I expected ^-^
- Twilight
Hi Fina!

- Kind of avatar : Collab
- Image : image
- Text : boy - Twilight / girl - Yuifa
- Border type : rectangular border
- Size : 128*128
- Extras : none

Thanks you
Thanks Fina -3- GL
Thanks Fina, aww so cute~~
Coucou Fina ! :D

- Kind of avatar : Solo (rip (c'est pas pour osu! ;-;))
- Image : ... lelele.jpg
- Text : Harakiri_j
- Border type : tear border ou bord circulaire, comme tu veux :3
- Size : à toi de voir :P
- Extras : Lâche-toi pour le p'tit plus si tu veux :d

Merci beaucoup encore une fois~ :3
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- Twilight
Awesome avatars

Very thanks Fina! ^^
Got a rather large request, hope you can help!

Kind of avatar: Collab
Text: I've listed the characters from left to right in case you're confused
Mr. Potato Head: -MoeYandere-
Bullseye: Castiel
Buzz: Nega
Left alien: Helix
Woody: Woffel
Jessie: Chips
Rex: SourLy
Hamm: Happyjon
Middle alien: [ Maware ]
Slinky Dog: Bubbleman
Right alien: Josh
Border type: I'm not really sure what would look best here, so I'll leave that up to you. Let me know if you need me to choose.
Size: 128x128, larger if you feel like it.
Extras: It would be amazing if you could add names onto the original image to make something that could fit on a userpage, but the image is quite wide, and I'm not sure how good it would look when shrunk down to that size. It's fine if that's not possible at all.

Please let me know if you need anything else, thanks in advance!
-[ Lee ]-
- Kind of avatar : Simple
- Image :
- Text : -[ Lee ]-
- Border type : Rounded
- Size : 128x128
- Extras : Nope :D
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click here

of course I can help. But i'm not sure it'll please you.. T_T
I didn't wanted to have a lot of things on it, so I only made black borders for every avatar.
I was also struggling to choose a fitting font, and I also tried to be simple this time. (i raged when I did the lil shitty aliens kappa)
I hope you'll like it and if you don't, don't hesitate to pm me or smth like that !~
[spoiler]toy story plz[/spoiler]

click here! ~ hope you like it !

hope you like it ! (I laughed when I saw the sentence owo)
-[ Lee ]-
Looks awesome thanks
- Image : ... 9cr979.jpg
- Text : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I want to hit you with a car. Throw you off a tree so high, hope you break your neck and die.
- Border type : Rectangular Border
- Size : Signature Size (hopefully you know the dimensions)
- Extras : Up to you
- Animated : Yes

Thanks in advance! ❤
- Cherry -
-- Cancelled Request --
Topic Starter
low morale, always end up with shitty things, always crying cuz I deceive people and that's not my goal at all, holidays are over, school is coming back
this is why i'm gonna be less here, i'll take more time to do it as properly as I can, ask my friends if it looks good, find somes issues and stuff.

don't be irritated if I cancel your request or I ask you to change something : i'm not inspired, i'm killing myself to find a good result and I can't find it for the moment. I don't want to deceive you.

Thanks guys.
Thanks, it looks great! ❤ (no sarcasm)

- Kind of avatar : Single
- Image :
- Text : Dadoush~
- Border type : teardrop
- Size : for an osu avatar
- Extras : Nop.
Hello !!

- Kind of avatar :Collabs !
- Image :
- Text :Brown hair : Nap then Red hair : INGYK
- Border type :Rounded dotted
- Size :128x128
- Extras : make it cute c:

thanks c:
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click here!~ i hope you like iiittttt♥

click here & here! ~ Hope you like it! I know that INGYK isn't capitalized but it looked bad since the font I used isn't a full caps one. I hope you still like it, and I can give you the full caps if you really want =w=


click here & here! ~ I hope you like it! =w=


click here! ~ I must admit that it was pretty hard to do because it's a long username, i hope you like it! :3
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