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Current Priority: +0
So recently I have been having the Idea for Osu!Bands (Title needs work). Basically it would groups for players to join in and sozialize and such. It would be like having a clan but for Osu.

There would be a ranking system by how much total pp they have along with the ability to change the profile pictures of your band (or flags I wanted to call them) and in-clan ranking system like Mods and Admins. I was thinking with that system you should be able to change the name of those too. like to General or Elite and stuff like that.

Of course there needs to be some way to make sure Osu doesn't get over run with a bunch of different groups there would be a pp requirement before you can make you group. I was thinking you would need 500pp before you can make a group. That way the player would be less nobbish and able to handle and maintain the group well.

My final addon to this Idea would be a Battle of the Bands feature. (Again, name needs work) How it will work is that if one Band spots a band they could battle. It would work just like doing multiplayer with teams. The Band Leader will pick a roaster of people to send into battle and try and win for their Band.
They would do 2 songs. 1 picked by one side and one picked by the other. The third song (if they both ending up having one win) will be randomly selected by Osu. If one side wins they gain 1 win and would be able to rise in the ranks and become the best Band in Osu!.

Thank you for taking the time to read my idea.
This would clearly be a clan system request, however there is already a request thread for that.

FrzR wrote:

This would clearly be a clan system request, however there is already a request thread for that.
I looked for one but couldn't find one to bump.

On a unrelated note congratz on 2k posts
Search for the thread with over 10k stars :P
Anyways, this is already confirmed to come sooner ir later
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