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Hello everyone today I bring you some Kantai collection skins. These skins are only one girl each. At the moment I only made 7 skins, but i'm planing on releasing more in the future. These skins were inspired by Stalactic. He was the one that requested one skin, but then I decided to make more skins xD. These skins are similar to each other since it is easier for me to make.

Author: RainAid and Stalactic
version: 2.1
mode: osu only



1. I-19
2. Amastukaze
3. Fubuki
4. Murakumo
5. shimikaze
6. hayashimo

If you would like to request a kantai collection character let me know in the comments. I wont make a skin for a character that has no artwork at all.

Thank You.
Great!!!You could do one of Atago,Takao,Mutsu And Nagato Pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!
Wouldn't mind seeing Yamato and Shigure. ;)
This looks really improved from your previous skins!

( Would love to see Battleship Re-class 8 w 8 )
I'm impressed how fast you can skin that many -awesome- skins, only in a few days.
The skins are so cool! Instant download :3
Obligatory Haruna request
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Thank you for the feedback. The requests have been noted. I might have them rady by next week(finals this week QQ)
-[ Haruna ]-
yuudachi or ryuuhou pls (╭ರᴥ•́) also,the skins looks awesome!
amazing 10/10
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