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Throughout the osu reddit; I usually come across people who get top plays that they are very proud of but are scared to submit them on the reddit due to the amount of flack that you will receive since it's not following the trend of "only top player plays". I took that and decided to make a website where you can share not only your favorite plays but absolutely any plays you want and have it uploaded on a community youtube channel where everyone can see what you got!

The service has been out for 4 days as of now and has have over 130+ videos automatically uploaded. My initial plan was to stop this project if not enough people we're using it but throughout the past day the channel has been gaining some attention and subscribers. Since i've only posted this once on reddit 4 days ago; it sunked away and I believe that if more people know about it, more people will use it :).

Website: http://www.socialven.x10host.com


  • -> Upload videos in full 1080P 60FPS in less than 5 minutes
    -> Feature requests are allowed if you guys keep this service alive
    -> Custom Skins

    -> Being able to upload to your own channel is not the key concept here. The concept is a hub / community for everyone to share their replays at anytime and watch each others. I may allow you to download the .mp4 and upload it to your channel yourself if you want but giving the option to opt into your channel can kill the concept of what I have going here.


Go to Website![1]
Upload your file and click submit
All videos will be posted automatically on this channel![2] . It's a brand new channel designed specifically for the osu! community. You guys will have your own name tags assigned with each video that you upload.
It will automatically include your profile link and map link in the video description

Known Bugs
- I'm aware that the bot doesn't auto fill in usernames with spaces when it posts their profile in the description box. I will get this fixed soon.

Important Information
- As you already notice. This is using free hosting & a free domain. I have the money to purchase a domain name and will do that if enough people are using the service.
- A brand new website is being developed as we speak by a new friend of mine and he will be revealed once the website is finished. What I can tell you that it looks great, and has all the functions you, me and my mother want.
- Since the hosting is free, when too many people upload at once; it can sometimes crash ( rarely ) but most of the times I've set it up to display a message on the homepage to change the status into slow mode at which each video will approx upload in 10 - 20 minutes.
- I only plan to keep this service open if enough people are using it within the next 5 days.

What are you waiting for? Get your videos up there and now!
Changing Hosts > Be Back Tomorrow.
The Site is down with this message atm :)

IamBaum wrote:

Changing Hosts > Be Back Tomorrow.
The Site is down with this message atm :)
Yup i'm changing hosts to another free one to see if it's any better. It'll be back soon!!!
This is awesome
Uh, you might want to think of a better name for this.
Calling it the osu!community itself is weird :V
source code please?
i just want hosting for myself
is there something wrong with the queue and or processing times
uploads can take 1-2 days
and even then I think it missed one as well
Hmm, I decided to try this out but I keep getting "Internal Server Error"
Too many people uploading or are the servers down?
deff a cool service
but i noticed there was some stuttering on my last upload
idk if this effects other videos but it may be something to look into
I have uploaded the .osr file, but I cannot find the video on the Youtube channel.:cry:
goddammit, support other modes, not just standard....
Ya know, not all people play std.
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